Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Clarifications on Ghostly Apparitions

Clarifications on Ghostly Apparitions

Have you wondered why someone, especially at nights, out of the corner of their eyes sees either a stationary back apparition lurking in a darken corner for a split second.

Some older people believe that these are ghostly apparitions which can be seen for a split second by normal people. These apparitions are people who have died and called “permanent” ghosts and they reside in specific houses, buildings, cemeteries etc. Or these apparitions can be just wandering ghosts going nowhere and everywhere. There are people who believe that wandering ghosts like to stay temporarily and live in abandoned houses or buildings.

 Lurking Shadows from Branches on a Tree

George, my cousin, have moved temporarily together with his wife, Hui Ping, to Puchong in Selangor. George recently retired and. However they found with the recent hikes have increased their cost of living.

They went to a small town in Perak to look out for the rental and food prices. They were having something for drinks and Hui Ping asked whether George noticed something unusual in their temporary house in Puchong. According to his wife she had seen flashes of a black apparition in their house.

George was a bit shocked to hear that as he had seen the same thing! George did not tell anyone including his wife about what he saw. There were many times while watching tv at nights when from the corner of his eyes he saw something in black with super speed flashing towards their storeroom. When he checked the storeroom there was nothing there.

His wife, Hui Peng was terrified about supernatural stuff and she refused to talk about it except unless they were on holidays (for from their Puchong home). In fact, Hui Peng had to turn all the lights on (including the bedroom) before she goes to sleep.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wandering Ghost at Home

Wandering Ghost at Home

A housewife faced a spate of mysterious and impossible incidents in her home.

Wandering ghost (for lack of better term due my inexperience) can occur at any place or time. I have written a story in my other blog titled “Ghosts Everywhere!” with ghostly apparition occurring at a public place. Whereas this actual incident happened at a family’s home.

Hasmah lives with her husband and three kids in the sleepy town Yan in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. She has lived together with her family for more than 10years at their house. Life at their house was peaceful but uneventful.

 A Typical Malay House

One day Hasmah walked to her 14 year old son’s bedroom and was mildly surprised to see him there. He was on his bed scrawled in his back engrossed playing with his computer game. Hasmah asked about his tuition class and was told that the tuition teacher was sick and he said his father was also back.

Wondering what was going on, Hasmah walked to the living room at the front portion of their house. However there was nobody in there and just as she was about to call out to her son, she glanced at the window of her house.

Her husband was in the courtyard, facing outward squatting and tending a flower batch. This is most unusual, as her husband dislike this activity, thought Hasmah, as she walked down the short stairs from her living room.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Granny’s Get-Well Present

My Granny’s Get-Well Present

I received my ex-granny’s get-well present….it took over 10 years to arrive.

According to Kirsten her relationship with her granny (her father’s mum) when she was growing up was normal. Granny stayed at one the back room of their house in Ipoh in Perak and would alternatively send to my aunty and her family house in Melaka.

There were no spectacular memories about her granny except the times when she and her brother got in trouble with her mother and they were thrashed using the slender-like cane (‘kena rotan’). They would run to the granny’s room for help. On seeing their predicament, granny would face her daughter-in-law with both legs firmly planted and with outstretch arms trying to protect her 2 young grandchildren. Granny would jump left and right purposely getting caned herself while rescuing the kids. (what a great & super granny)

There was also a recollection by Kirsten so long ago, both of them was so bored they decided to question their granny about the existence of God. She looked absolutely horrified besides she will be dead by then. The two kids kept pestering their granny until she finally reluctantly gave up and promised to do that.

As time pass by Granny went to her daughter’s family for a visit but fell ill and passed away. Kristen’s parents and brother rushed back for granny’s funeral. Kristen however was on a writing assignment and could not make it back in time.

Several years after that Kirsten had married and the couple moved to Johor Bahru in Johore.  One day, Kirsten was taken by her husband to a local hospital. She was diagnosed to have dengue and the hospital but they were told that the wards were already were jam-packed with patients.

They decided to go home where Kirsten could rest and hopefully get better. Kirsten’s husband called her parents to let them know of the condition of their daughter. Kirsten’s parents promptly arrived the next day to check on their daughter. They decided that if her condition does not improve the next day, they were going to take her other government hospitals or even private hospitals.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Haunted Thai Hotels

Haunted Thai Hotels

Thailand is reputed as the most haunted country especially her hotels.

The country to our north, Thailand, is according to many believers of the supernatural is filled with ghosts and/or “kong tau” (black magic). Stories about ghosts and the paranormal in hotels in Thailand are most frequent encounters compared to other places. Tales of hauntings at Asia Hotel (I have written in another blog), Holiday Inn, Baiyoke Sky Hotel, White Orchid Hotel, Holiday Inn etc. in Thailand.

White Orchid Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Guests in these hotels had encountered strange things like scratches on the body, noises or knocking late in the night, long hairs found in the dressing tables (when only guys are staying there) and some even saw a black apparition crouching on the bedroom ceiling!

Back to my ghostly tale in Thailand, Walter Teng works in Alor Setar in the northern state of Kedah. Walter would travel regularly to Thailand to meet up with his clients, in fact Walter would joke that he has been to all the major cities and towns in that country.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Old Morris Minor Car

Old Morris Minor Car

“….recognized the distinctive colour & the make of the old Morris Minor car but it suddenly sped off…. could it be haunted??”

Ariffin & Kim Meng are only best friends in school but are neighbours.  Kim Meng stays a just the street away Ariffin was always around that Kim Meng’s family considered him as part of the family. Kim Meng’s mother was always warm and caring and his siblings were a laugh a minute. The laughter and the tears together will last a lifetime.

As for Kim Meng’s father was a strict and quiet person and it would be great compliment if Ariffin got a ‘grunt’ as acknowledge from him. As for Kim  Meng’s father the pride and joy other than his immediate family is his car.  He drives a ‘vintage’ Morris Minor and without fail when he gets back home, he will wash his car.

Morris Minor

Over time Ariffin found a job and settled down in Kuala Lumpur.  On day Ariffin got a call from Kim Meng saying that his father has passed away. Kim Meng was a bit surprised that his childhood friend wanted to pay his respect to Kim Meng’s father with Kim Meng saying that it was unnecessary. Ariffin was adamant and he applied to take leave from his company and drove all the way back to their hometown.

After the funeral, it night time and Ariffin was driving back to Kuala Lumpur. He noticed there was a “old” car in front of him …. it was the Morris Minor the exact model that & make Kim Meng’s father had.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Demonic Rage

Demonic Rage

“… her face was twisted in utter hatred ..”

Possession has been defined as a domination of by an evil demonic spirit. Demonic possessions occur in numerous incidents throughout in Malaysia as in other countries. These are generally done by exorcist who expel or cast off the demon, devil or ‘hantu’ from the affected victim. Other the word exorcist, in Malaysia, they are also known as Taoist or Buddhist master, sifu or bomoh etc.

A Girl Being Possessed

I remember many years ago, I was asked to go our factory in Shah Alam, Selangor. There was a disturbance there and my colleagues said and it was one of our factory workers. The factory worker had climbed almost to the top of a lanky tree and he was wildly waving his hand on a rather thin slim branch while shouting at us in a strange language.

Robert, the Quality manager, suggested that we should get a pastor from a nearby church which we readily agreed. The bewildered & somewhat scared pastor who despite his best effort got instead got urinated by the possessed worker. As the flustered pastor said, that it was better to get a bomoh who is more experience in these local situations.

Oops before I get carried away (probably due to old-aged) I should get back to my tale about a possessed woman.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Local Paranormal Experience

Local Paranormal Experience

“Where got ghost….went to Genting, Kellie’s Castle etc and nothing happen!”

Genting Highlands Reputed To Be One of the Haunted Places in the Country

I heard some experts say that most people cannot see a ghost except those people who are gifted or possessed with the “3rd eye” can see ghosts. Alternatively those people with low wan shou or  yun fei (spiritual level are low or down) can also see “dirty things” like ghosts.

Whether wondered about the people who are not only scared but simply horrified of the vision from the afterlife in their everyday lives. Here is another story about a guy who is a scaredy cat with anything connected to the supernatural or paranormal realms.

Wei Fatt and my brother are school friends in Johore Bahru before his whole family moved to Kajang in Selangor. Some of his friends knew about his reluctant ability to either, sense, hear or even see the dead but accepted it anyway.

One day Wei Fatt was asked by his boss to do and a Quality assessment at their factory at Pasir Gudang in Johor. The company booked a room for him at the New York hotel in Johore Bahru. It was late when Wei Fatt finally checked in the hotel and made his way to his hotel room.

As he noticed that as he walked nearer to the room, he heard soft sound of children giggling from one of the rooms. As he reached his door the giggling suddenly stopped. There was nothing there, no ghost but an over active imagination. As he was exhausted, he took a quick shower and he went to bed.