Saturday, November 21, 2015

Local Paranormal Experience

Local Paranormal Experience

“Where got ghost….went to Genting, Kellie’s Castle etc and nothing happen!”

Genting Highlands Reputed To Be One of the Haunted Places in the Country

I heard some experts say that most people cannot see a ghost except those people who are gifted or possessed with the “3rd eye” can see ghosts. Alternatively those people with low wan shou or  yun fei (spiritual level are low or down) can also see “dirty things” like ghosts.

Whether wondered about the people who are not only scared but simply horrified of the vision from the afterlife in their everyday lives. Here is another story about a guy who is a scaredy cat with anything connected to the supernatural or paranormal realms.

Wei Fatt and my brother are school friends in Johore Bahru before his whole family moved to Kajang in Selangor. Some of his friends knew about his reluctant ability to either, sense, hear or even see the dead but accepted it anyway.

One day Wei Fatt was asked by his boss to do and a Quality assessment at their factory at Pasir Gudang in Johor. The company booked a room for him at the New York hotel in Johore Bahru. It was late when Wei Fatt finally checked in the hotel and made his way to his hotel room.

As he noticed that as he walked nearer to the room, he heard soft sound of children giggling from one of the rooms. As he reached his door the giggling suddenly stopped. There was nothing there, no ghost but an over active imagination. As he was exhausted, he took a quick shower and he went to bed.