Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remembering My Aunty

Remembering My Aunty

“Tai Yee” or aunty is the eldest child of the 8 children from my maternal grandparents. She stayed in several places in places like Singapore and Malaysia during her life time. It was the unexpected and supernatural stories she told us before she passed away which surprised us.

Some of her unnatural incidents occurred when she was leaving at Thompson Road in Singapore. Tai Yee worked as a seamstress ( kindna tailor) together with an elder cousin during that time. She had rented a room at the back of an old bungalow, which she worked on the dresses and also to sleep.

One night when she was sleeping, she felt her entire body totally numbed (whether it was a medical condition or supernatural) and she couldn’t even open her eyes – as if something was on her entire body. Terrified she told herself to keep calm and just relax and breathe slowly….and she forced her eyelids to opened and OMG!...she saw a dark figure squatting on her chest with its face inches from her face. She squeezed her eyes down and she just prayed. After a long time, she felt the pressure on her body was slowly gone…and she opened her eyes…that figure was gone.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Boarding House, Dormitory, Hostel – A Spooky Tale

Boarding House, Dormitory, Hostel – A Spooky Tale

Millions of young people have lived at one time or another had lived in a boarding house, dormitory or hostel. Some have heard numerous spooky & ghostly tales and stories in these places.

By the way, I have decided to keep this blog going and also my other blog titled “Unnatural Tales and Ghosts”.

Back to the story, Liza was a girl who lived in a boarding house away from her family. One night, she was in one of the cubicle toilet, when she heard someone came in and the sound of water from the basin. When Liza was done unlocked the door from the cubicle and proceeded to the row of basins.
A lone girl was at a basin and she was leaning down and she was brushing her teeth. Liza while washing her hands, said, “hi” to the other girl. When the girl slowly turned around to face Liza, she was shock to see a messy bloody knife in her hand. Liza quickly looked at the girl’s face and she was smiling but her entire mouth was covered with blood!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goddess Of Mercy – Unusual Tale

Goddess Of Mercy – Unusual Tale

Hi folks! I have not been writing to this blog for over a year. Instead I have been writing to a blog titled “Unnatural Tales and Ghosts” that was set up my sister. So I really hope you will join me at my ‘new’ blog.

I have an unusual tale about Goddess of Mercy also known as Guanyim of Kuan Yin according to followers from the Buddist or Taoist faith. She was a person went through great love and sacrifices during her lifetime. Eventually she achieve immortality in the hearts of the suffering and she was also known as “She who sees and hears the cry from the human world”.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I believe that similarities to the Christian Virgin Mary and the Goddess of Mercy are truly uncanny. Even taking the differences of the historic timeframes, racial and cultural aspects the similarities in the resemblance and the remarkable lives that they led. It seems to be the same woman! Anyway it just a thought.

Goddess of Mercy (Guanyim or Kuan Yin)

Rosie’s son was having terrible nightmares and was hysterical after they had taken him to a park. The family had taken a day trip to a public park where little Timmy, 5 years old, suddenly was stricken and was wailing and crying uncontrollably. Unable to pacify the little boy, they drove back to their house but Timmy even try to run out of the car to their neighbourhood. When they finally managed to force him to the house, Timmy would grab his legs in a foetal position and just scream and cry. All he managed to say was that a ‘bad’ black figure floating and hovering around him.

His parents’ quickly summoned for a medical doctor to their house but he could not find anything wrong with Timmy. Rosie used to go to a Goddess of Mercy temple on Chinese festivals and they desperately brought a son to the temple.

After consulting with the medium, he chanted mantras (incantations used in prayers) and took a “fu” which is paper talisman to keep Timmy’s body from harm. Then the medium took a red ink from the temple’s altar and dotted on Timmy’s forehead.

There was a surge of relieve after the religiously procedures were perform, Timmy was back to his normal and cheerful self. The medium told the parents it was spirit annoyed about something Timmy unconsciously did.