Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remembering My Aunty

Remembering My Aunty

“Tai Yee” or aunty is the eldest child of the 8 children from my maternal grandparents. She stayed in several places in places like Singapore and Malaysia during her life time. It was the unexpected and supernatural stories she told us before she passed away which surprised us.

Some of her unnatural incidents occurred when she was leaving at Thompson Road in Singapore. Tai Yee worked as a seamstress ( kindna tailor) together with an elder cousin during that time. She had rented a room at the back of an old bungalow, which she worked on the dresses and also to sleep.

One night when she was sleeping, she felt her entire body totally numbed (whether it was a medical condition or supernatural) and she couldn’t even open her eyes – as if something was on her entire body. Terrified she told herself to keep calm and just relax and breathe slowly….and she forced her eyelids to opened and OMG!...she saw a dark figure squatting on her chest with its face inches from her face. She squeezed her eyes down and she just prayed. After a long time, she felt the pressure on her body was slowly gone…and she opened her eyes…that figure was gone.

The other incident occurred when she agreed to “babysit” us in Penang when our parents decided on going for a “world” tour. After we were fast sleep, she decided of going downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. The kitchen was at the back with a corridor beside the courtyard and it was cold and dark with only light from the moonlight.

As she was walking in the dark along the corridor leading towards the kitchen, she suddenly saw a woman in white dress with her back facing my aunty. The woman or spirit seemed busy preparing the ingredients in the dark. My aunt grabbed both her hands to her mouth (to prevent herself from screaming) and slowing back away and hurriedly running to the staircase as fast as she can.

My aunty never told anyone of her strange and ghostly incidents until we were grown up and only shortly before she passed away.

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