Sunday, November 9, 2014

Unexplained Random Hauntings

Unexplained Random Hauntings

These are just only 2 random tales by readers of the many mysterious unexplained ghostly hauntings in Malaysia.

A Haunted House?

I think it is not right to categorized buildings which are unkempt derelict houses, old schools, hospitals etc. as being haunted just by their physical appearances. Whether these are demonic entities, pontianaks or simply just wandering ghosts which can roam anywhere as opposed to residential ghosts. Residential ghosts have a special affinity or very strong attachment (whether good or bad) in that place. Anyway to cut to the chase, I have 2 unexplainable eerie stories of people who are living in absolutely normal looking houses.

1st Story
19 year old Rina was studying at an outstation college and her exams were over. Her family hometown is in Jerantut in the state of Pahang. She had homemade gifts from her entire family, as for youngest brother, 6 year old Hafiz, which had a hand painted face mask of Ronald McDonald.

The famous Clown from McDonald’s

One night, Rina was washing the dishes after dinner and the rest of the family had adjourned to living room to watch a TV program. Rina was facing the sink which was just beside the kitchen wall with partially opened louvers. It was only 7pm then and the night was getting a bit dark except for the neighbor’s dim low-wattage night light which provided some illumination.