Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Clarifications on Ghostly Apparitions

Clarifications on Ghostly Apparitions

Have you wondered why someone, especially at nights, out of the corner of their eyes sees either a stationary back apparition lurking in a darken corner for a split second.

Some older people believe that these are ghostly apparitions which can be seen for a split second by normal people. These apparitions are people who have died and called “permanent” ghosts and they reside in specific houses, buildings, cemeteries etc. Or these apparitions can be just wandering ghosts going nowhere and everywhere. There are people who believe that wandering ghosts like to stay temporarily and live in abandoned houses or buildings.

 Lurking Shadows from Branches on a Tree

George, my cousin, have moved temporarily together with his wife, Hui Ping, to Puchong in Selangor. George recently retired and. However they found with the recent hikes have increased their cost of living.

They went to a small town in Perak to look out for the rental and food prices. They were having something for drinks and Hui Ping asked whether George noticed something unusual in their temporary house in Puchong. According to his wife she had seen flashes of a black apparition in their house.

George was a bit shocked to hear that as he had seen the same thing! George did not tell anyone including his wife about what he saw. There were many times while watching tv at nights when from the corner of his eyes he saw something in black with super speed flashing towards their storeroom. When he checked the storeroom there was nothing there.

His wife, Hui Peng was terrified about supernatural stuff and she refused to talk about it except unless they were on holidays (for from their Puchong home). In fact, Hui Peng had to turn all the lights on (including the bedroom) before she goes to sleep.