Friday, December 19, 2014

Mischievous Entities

Mischievous Entities

Now you see them…then you don’t!

Ghostly Writings on the Door?

Mischievous entities, paranormal beings or ghosts which have been describe as cheeky, naughty or mischievous at the same time undoubtedly truly damn scary. Some of these people have experience scary mischievous ghostly elements but I personally believe more than that, it’s a clear sign of the ghosts are simply saying that they are around in the realm of the living!!!

1st Story

Vicky and Mira, both 14 years old, are not only classmates at school but also best friends. As it was a school holidays, Mira invited Vicky to have sleepover at her house. Mira’s family, which consist of both parents and elder brother and sister, lived at Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The two girls were busy chit-chatting about the boys, dressing and even when to the shopping mall to make up a costume for Cosplay. When finally the 2 girls were fast asleep, with Vicky sleeping on a mattress on the bedroom floor just beside Mira who was in her bed.

Vicky suddenly woke up and sat up, her throat was parched and dry (probably from overzealous chatting with Mira). She saw that Mira was happily sleeping in her bed and realized that there was light peeping through the narrow gap beneath the bedroom door.

Vicky slowly crept downstairs to the living room downstairs where she found Mira’s mum was engrossed on the TV with some Korean romantic drama. After taking her drink she joined Mira’s mum with the romantic movie marathon.

After an hour later, a half-asleep Mira came into the living room and she looked terribly confused looking at Vicky who was with sitting with Mira’s mother. Mira gestured quickly to her bedroom and muttered,”…you are here??..”

When we have calmed Mira down, she explained that she saw Vicky asleep in her mattress when she woke that night. She decided to go downstairs for a drink and silently trotted down to the living room and there was her mother…and Vicky!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Unexplained Random Hauntings

Unexplained Random Hauntings

These are just only 2 random tales by readers of the many mysterious unexplained ghostly hauntings in Malaysia.

A Haunted House?

I think it is not right to categorized buildings which are unkempt derelict houses, old schools, hospitals etc. as being haunted just by their physical appearances. Whether these are demonic entities, pontianaks or simply just wandering ghosts which can roam anywhere as opposed to residential ghosts. Residential ghosts have a special affinity or very strong attachment (whether good or bad) in that place. Anyway to cut to the chase, I have 2 unexplainable eerie stories of people who are living in absolutely normal looking houses.

1st Story
19 year old Rina was studying at an outstation college and her exams were over. Her family hometown is in Jerantut in the state of Pahang. She had homemade gifts from her entire family, as for youngest brother, 6 year old Hafiz, which had a hand painted face mask of Ronald McDonald.

The famous Clown from McDonald’s

One night, Rina was washing the dishes after dinner and the rest of the family had adjourned to living room to watch a TV program. Rina was facing the sink which was just beside the kitchen wall with partially opened louvers. It was only 7pm then and the night was getting a bit dark except for the neighbor’s dim low-wattage night light which provided some illumination.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unexpected Tales

Unexpected Tales

Two scary tales about unexpected incidents in normal everyday life’s in the land of Malaysia.

Ashraf was looking for another place when he was informed by a colleague, Megat. Megat kindly offered his friend to stay him and his family while looking for a place of his own. Ashraf and Megat are maintenance workers for a local company in Kuala Lumpur. Ashraf accepted his friend’s generous offer and they stayed in a high-rise PPR flats (Public Housing Project) together with Megat’s family.

A PPR unit

After several nights, as Ashraf was packing his sleeping mat on the cement rendered floor at the congested living room to sleep. The night was sweltering hot with not even a breeze in the night air. However Ashraf fell asleep because he was so tired from work.

Ashraf had a truly terrifying nightmare that night, he dreamt that he was chased by a very old and hideous woman with her hair plastered and clothes soaked and dripping wet with water. Ashraf woke up with a start and he was totally surprised that his entire body was absolutely soaked. He quickly up from his sleeping mat and looking down he saw the entire mat was dripping wet…..but the just surrounding area of the mat was bone dry!

When Megat and his family finally woke up, they inspected the living room’s floor and the ceiling for water seepage but found nothing was amiss. Ashraf and Megat even when to neighboring block but found that were no water leakage.

Ashraf’s friends said that it must be a “hantu air” (water ghost) that he encountered that night!

The next incident happened when Mimi Chan and Sara Khoo who only are best friends and were once college mates. Sara invited Mimi to stay with Sara’s family in Teluk Intan, Perak. One night when Mimi was sitting on the sofa watching TV, Sara’s mother came to living room, half-asleep and looking distressed. Mimi asked, “Are you alright aunty?”  Sara’s mother said just had a weird dream about her mother and was wondering whether she should call her in Pahang. Mimi immediately said that it was already past 12am and she advice Sara’s mother to call her mother tomorrow instead.
They got a telephone call early the next morning, it was Sara’s mother brother saying their mother has passed away. Mimi never told anyone of her conversation that night with Sara’s mother thinking is was just a coincidence.

Several years later when Mimi was now working in Ipoh, Perak, she was informed that Sara’s mother have passed away. Mimi was fond and close to Sara’s mother after spending a number of years living with them. Mimi drove down for the funeral and after that they had a wake (a traditional ritual for a deceased person).

Mimi was sitting on the sofa when the eldest uncle {Sara’s mother brother} said that he recollect a particular incident, a long time ago after their father died and when Sara’s mother was just 4 or 5 years old was playing in the living room in the evening. Her brother then approached her and asked what she was doing. She smiled shyly and in a soft voice told her brother, “dad-lah…he’s so funny”.
Mimi was shocked to hear about that story and wondered whether Sara’s mother was “sensitive” to seeing or sensing dead people from the other realm.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ghost Child At A Resort

Ghost Child At A Resort

Ghost child also referred to as “kuai qwai” in Cantonese or as “toyol” according to Malay folklore. Many real-life accounts have been told about the “kuai qwai” in Genting Highlands where some people have described as an unholy den of ghost children. On the other hand, “toyol” according popular beliefs is a mischievous ‘child’ that gathers and steals small items from people’s homes. However in this incident involves a lost child in a beach resort in Malaysia.

Adrian Raj went with his family for a vacation at Kemaman in the state of Terangganu. Kemaman with a pristine beach and seafront, seem to be an ideal location for vacationers. Adrian was busy outstation and unfortunately he did not make it in time for the trip in September. He nonetheless persuaded his wife to go their long awaited vacation in November, which is the beginning of monsoon season.

Map of Kemaman in Terengganu, Malaysia

They rented a room for 5 days’ stay at the resort of a family owned business in Kemaman. One night, after their young son was fast asleep, Adrian’s wife was continuously complaining about their spoilt vacation. It was late at night when Adrian decided to have a smoke and went downstairs (his wife did not allowed him to smoke in the room).

He went downstairs to a back of a fairly large garden, slightly away from the main resort. It was extremely dark night but it was lighted up with florescent lights on poles around the garden and he can see fairly well. He was sitting on a bench and lit up his ciggy when the skies suddenly opened up and it poured. He ran to a nearby covered roof structure with only the steel clad columns exposed. It was raining pelting and raging heavily, with lightning flashing around the skies.

Adrian tried to call his wife that he was late due to the thunderstorm only to find he accidentally left his mobile in the room. He was looking around the surrounding, wondering whether he should make a quick dash to the resort, when he looked at the playground he suddenly noticed…..that a small figure was sitting on of the swing.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Never Look Directly At a Ghost

Never Look Directly At a Ghost

“……you can look up or down but never look directly at the face of a ghost!”

A lot of people have seen at one time or another, at the corner of their eyes, saw a flash of a shadowy figure…Huhh! they glanced at dark of the bottom of the stairs, the corner of the room etc. and when there is nothing there…they might think it is just a figment of their wild imagination.

However some people believe that unless a person is gifted with “yin yang” or the “3td eye”, most people will not “see” or even fell the presence of ghosts. Unless, for example, if a person is fast asleep and suddenly awoke, he or she might accidentally see the dead spirit. Like a woman medium said that it is ok to look to the left or to the right or even up and down but never look directly at the face of a ghost!

“Why cannot look one???” my friend asked but the medium stare angrily at him but did not answer. Maybe the answer can be found in another incident that a reader encountered when visited his friend in Melaka, Malaysia.

Amar and Jude were college mates and they were going to Jude’s place in Melaka for the holidays.  Amar was introduced to Jude’s parents, Mr and Mrs Tai, and to his younger sister, Katie. They had 3 bedrooms which were for Mr and Mrs Tai, another for Katie and the Jude’s room for the guys.
However Jude felt sick after a few days and were told by the doctor that its best to rest a few days. Obviously Amar could not sleep together with Jude and they decided it was too inconvenient to sleep in the small dining room. Instead Mr and Mrs Tai decided on the store room which was located downstairs just beside the kitchen.

On the first night at the downstairs room, Amar was busy checking his Facebook on his tablet when he heard a faint scratching sound on the window. He looked out to the window but the sound of scratching on the window has stopped. Jude looked out of the window and saw the dimly lilted lights from the lamp posts but nothing was there. Chuckling to himself silently saying that it is just his imagination, he must stop believing such nonsensical stuff.

The next night after he went to bed, he was lying on his side opposite the store window, he woke up when he heard sound of someone on the rocking chair. He pretended to be asleep and he turned his body in the opposite direction of the window…..he saw in the gloomy darkness…. a lady sitting on the rocking chair!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hauntingly Discovery in a ‘First’ Apartment

Hauntingly Discovery in a ‘First’ Apartment

Trials and tribulations of living in a haunted apartment.

Kristin finally found her first job as a market research for a painting company at a town of Kluang in the middle of Johor and southern portion of Malaysia. She rented a place with 2 other girls in the outskirt of that fairly large of that town. Her apartment, located on the 4th level, of a good sized residential multistory building.

Kristin was so happy to get the job and living in a “new” apartment that she did not realize that was something odd about the apartment. Probably the first incident happened after she moved into the apartment, was after taking a shower, she was putting her nightdress when a faint but distinct smell in the bathroom.  She looked around the small bathroom but there were nowhere around but it the odour of a male… but there was no male around, only her and her two girl flatmates. Thinking she must be thinking too much, she soon forgot about the incident.

However a few nights after they were watching tv, a flatmate said that she felt a strange presence of a of a man in the apartment. Uurgh! exactly the presence felt by Kristin!

The following days there were strange incidents, for example, the refrigerator was left opened (which they thought mechanism was faulty), the light in the dining room would suddenly turn off (wiring problem) and Kristin’s alarm clock which continuous ring at odd times (which they assumed that it was an old and cheap alarm clock).

Kristin was given a small round bowl with a goldfish as a present by her brother when she moved to Kluang in Johor. The goldfish was placed in a small table outside Kristin’s bedroom.

A goldfish Bowl

One morning, Kristin was late for work (her alarm clock did not work) and she was rushing to brush her teeth and putting her clothes on. As she reached the front door she casually glanced at the small kitchen…. her goldfish was happily swimming in a GLASS of water!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Haunting Encounters in Malaysia

Some Haunting Encounters in Malaysia

Some people actual experiences of their spooky & supernatural incidents in Malaysia. These are just 2 among the numerous eerie records from people’s real life accounts from the country.

Sharmila, 16 year, was walking back from school activities one day. The rain has finally stopped but her neighborhood was very quiet as it was dark around 7 pm that day. She was rushing to her home for her dinner when she noticed an old man standing silently on the neighborhood lane. She was a bit shocked when the old man suddenly said to her, “Not frightened walking alone?” (translation: “Tak takut jalan sendiri?”) She was a bit terrified and ignored him as she quickly moved and rapidly walked pass the man.

She was more horrified when she had got the impression of a man’s heavy breathing close behind her. Sharmila quickly took off and ran as fast as possible for her house when she heard the sound of a man’s continuous laughter.

Puffing and panting she saw with a relief to see Mr Lok, a retired teacher and a neighbor, walking towards her for his nightly walk. Sharmila was out of breath as she bent down her body and she quickly asked Mr Lok whether he saw the old man following her. Seeing the strain on her face, he replied, “…. nobody there, only you….how come you were walking funny?.. like avoiding something…”

Was it a ghost that Sharmila saw?

The next story is when Andrea was growing up and she visited with her mother, their relatives’ wooden house in Teluk Intan in Perak. Andrea was busy with her colouring book when she realized that she could see her own shadow from the sole light bulb in the bedroom.

She then heard her mother yelling at her from the other room to take a shower and get ready for a dinner as it was getting dark. Reluctantly she got up and moving to get her pajamas from her bag she saw there was another shadow in opposite wall!

Confused and taken aback, she turned back to the other wall…to see her own shadow. Really feeling lost she turn back again at the other wall only to see the other shadow…. but the shadow looks larger in size and furthermore she could not understand why 2 shadows when she is the only one in the room! She screamed and staggered from the room looking desperately looking for her mother.

Whenever Andrea was in their relatives house, she insisted that at least one person must be around, even when she goes to the toilet!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Precautions During Hungry Ghost Month – Part 3

Precautions During Hungry Ghost Month – Part 3

I think I better finish the 3rd installment and the final series about Hungry Ghost Month. As stated previously, these are precautions to follow during that month where wandering or restless spirits are most active. These spirits or ghosts are released from Hell and can spend the whole month roaming the realm of Earth.

The remaining list of precautions and tips are as follows:

Do not step on the Ashes from Offerings

10) do not celebrate birthday at night (guess it is ok in daytime)
11) for Chinese operas, do not sit on the front seats (as they are catered for the “brothers & sisters”)
12) do not get married during that month (I guess ‘they’ might “kacau” – translation, disturb)
13) avoid talking about ghosts (might offend them)
14) do not disturb the food offerings, joss sticks or candles

I would like to recount a tale from Ganesh who claim that he does not believe in ghosts. This incident happened during the Hungry Ghost Month. Ganesh was feeling absolutely bored as most of his friends are not allowed to go drinking and chit-chatting especially during the nights. Ganesh visited Ah Meng at his house, which Ah Meng was forced by his parents to stay at home. Ganesh and Ah Meng were smoking at the little patch of land (garden-lah) and it was about 2am at night.

The night was cool and so quiet when they heard dogs barking furiously but gradually stopped. Then Daisy, a dog owned by Ah Meng’s family, started barking yelping furiously and the hairs on neck were virtually standing. They tried their best to calm Daisy and looked where the dog was looking and noticed that a “mist or fog” was travelling on the neighbor drive and it seemed to be travelling on a path. After the mist finally passed by, Ganesh noticed that Daisy eventually stopped barking. However the dogs from the opposite side of Ah Meng’s house started barking.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Cat That Can’t Die

The Cat That Can’t Die

She saw a neighbour’s cat lying lazily in her garden…

Sue Chuah was so happy to be back in her hometown of Taiping in Perak after spending 4 years studying in New Zealand. There were so many experiences to share with her family & school friends and so much to catch up on. Other than that, there are resumes to write and hopefully she will get a job soon.

Her friends were coming back from work and they were going for dinner and to celebrate and chat about their lives. Sue was so anxious as she was putting her shoes in the garden beside her house when she saw, “Percy”, a Persian cat who was a neighbor’s cat. Percy was lying lazily beside some daisies in their garden with his face looking contently in the distance.

Typical Persian Cat

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month – part 2

Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month – part 2

This is the 2nd part of “Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month” which many Chinese considered at the most terrifying month of the year. Countless people who follow their religion believe that the gates of Hell are release on the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar and wandering or hungry spirits can wander in this earth for a whole month.

Offerings of food for Hungry Ghost Month

Millions of people of which had encountered spooky and unbelievable incidents from deceased relatives but also the restless spirits of people who had untimely deaths. The precautions are tips for people to follow and prevent them from such unworldly incidents. The other precautions for that month are :

5) do not visit the sick in hospital, attend a funeral, move house or to start a business.
6) do not go camping (especially tress with large long and overhanging leaves) as they            contain yin energies. This energy signifies darkness, stillness as opposed to brightness and laughter which is the yang energy.
7) do not simply open the main door all night (negative energy!)
8) do not wear black or red clothes (not even red underwear)

9) do not travel outstation or go swimming (and meet up with the water ghost, air hantu in Bahasa or sui qwai in Chinese). These waters ghosts are situated at the seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps or even ditches. They lived underneath the water and they could have died from drowning or simply missing.
Anyway, I better stop at Precaution no. 9 (which I will continue as Part 3 later) as I have another spooky tale about an incident of a water ghost in the month during the Hungry Ghost month.

Aden Yoo, a teenager lives a small town of Gemencheh at Negeri Sembilan which is located about 30 km from the much larger town of Tampin. It must be a weekend when Aden and his friends decided to go to a pond nearby for fishing during the Hungry Ghost month without telling their parents about their activities.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month

Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month

Hungry Ghost Month is arguably the most frightening month for the Chinese as they believe that as Hell Gate is open the lost souls or ‘hungry’ spirits are allowed to return to the human world.

Phor Thor Kong (in Hokkien dialect) or Hungry Ghost Month which falls on the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar is used to pay homage to Tai Su Yeah (King of Hell) and the underworld. Millions over the ages have encountered spooky and weird experiences during Hungry Ghost Month not only with deceased ancestors but also with demons and spirits from prematurely or justly death and seeking revenge. The precautiouns is to help prevent such spooky occurrences during that month.

Paper Money offering during Hungry Ghost Festival

1)      Don’t pee on trees as it might offend the spirits which resides there (I don’t understand, why would anyone would one to pee on top of a tree)
2)     People should not wander late at night (no more clubbing – at least for that month!)
3)     Avoid swimming (as people have dragged underwater)
4)      Do not carry an umbrella into your house (which might be carried by spirits)

I would like to stop at Precautions at no. 4 and continue later, as I have a tale about carrying an umbrella to a home.

The Ong family lived in Kota Tinggi in a residential house in the state of Johore. One day after raining heavily, Helen drove their son, 7 year old Timmy, to their car. When they reached their house, Helen had to carry Timmy and their grocery in their umbrella. Helen was busy drying Timmy and she left her umbrella in the dining room. One of her neighbor (kepo ‘aunty’) came to their house and she making a fuss about the umbrella in the house. She claimed that one shouldn’t that it is forbidden to bring an umbrella home as it may carry it with a ghost especially during Hungry Ghost month.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Villa Nabila & Highland Towers – Urban Legends?

Villa Nabila & Highland Towers – Urban Legends?

There are countless spooky stories about Villa Nabila and Highland Towers and both have been listed as the 5 most haunted places in Malaysia.

Villa Nabila bungalow

Villa Nabila is an abandoned bungalow at Dunga Bay at Johor Baru in the state Johor. There are many conflicting stories concerning why it was left abandoned and numerous ghostly stories. Whether it was previously owned by a Caucasian (“White dude”), a Chinese tycoon or even Singaporean owners nobody knows.

Balcony at Villa Nabila in Johor

Rundown Staircase at Villa Nabila

In the latest incident, a teenaged boy who had supposed to have gone to Villa Nabila but it was a hoax, a prank and he was found in his girlfriend house. The hoard of ghost busters and those who are curious about the haunted house was staggering.

Whatever the reasons, I have a feeling that Villa Nabila bungalow although badly rundown is not haunted. The broken windows for example with the sun shining the cracks do not seem to be haunted.