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Villa Nabila & Highland Towers – Urban Legends?

Villa Nabila & Highland Towers – Urban Legends?

There are countless spooky stories about Villa Nabila and Highland Towers and both have been listed as the 5 most haunted places in Malaysia.

Villa Nabila bungalow

Villa Nabila is an abandoned bungalow at Dunga Bay at Johor Baru in the state Johor. There are many conflicting stories concerning why it was left abandoned and numerous ghostly stories. Whether it was previously owned by a Caucasian (“White dude”), a Chinese tycoon or even Singaporean owners nobody knows.

Balcony at Villa Nabila in Johor

Rundown Staircase at Villa Nabila

In the latest incident, a teenaged boy who had supposed to have gone to Villa Nabila but it was a hoax, a prank and he was found in his girlfriend house. The hoard of ghost busters and those who are curious about the haunted house was staggering.

Whatever the reasons, I have a feeling that Villa Nabila bungalow although badly rundown is not haunted. The broken windows for example with the sun shining the cracks do not seem to be haunted.
Highland Towers

In December 1993, an entire block (12 storey) was devastated leaving the remaining 2 blocks. It was the worst collapsed in Malaysia’s history leaving 43 lives dead.

 Collapse of Highland Towers in 1993

What remain of the building or remnants of Highland Towers have become a hoard of ghost busters eager discover visions of apparitions or ghostly beings. One reader wrote that he saw a fleeting silhouette or shadow of a child when he was travelling there at night.

When I visited Highland Towers recently, I found a sense of hopelessness, a sense of sadness but nothing much – of supernatural or paranormal activities. With the number of ghost busters over the years and the chants and prayers – I think Highland Towers is not haunted.

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