Saturday, July 28, 2012

Car Driver is a “Hantu” (Demon)

Car Driver is a “Hantu” (Demon)
This strange incident was told to me by a friend about the ghostly car driver that his sister encountered.
His sister was going to a break-up with one of her many boyfriend (oh!...urgh!) and she was feeling a bit depressed and restless. So after work that day, went home to persuade his sister for a dinner to a restaurant together. Although initially reluctant, she managed her butt to go with her brother for the drive.
So after a quick shower, he was driving his sister for a night out. As he was driving he noticed that a black car was slowing overtaking his car from the left side. He never thought of anything except he felt it was  a bit rude to overtake his car from the left.
He noticed that his sister was engrossed with the black car as she looked so intently at the passing black car.  He casually asked whether she knew that guy. Instead she looked with frightened eyes and pleaded to him to turn back. WTK! he thought and he angrily asked her why. She was crying in shock and kept begging for them to go back to go home. With her delirious and was sobbing uncontrollably he decided reluctantly that they are better off at home. She could be upset from her latest fling with her ex-boyfriend.
When they finally arrived at their house, still crying she took off for her bedroom and locked her room…no answers. He just shrugged his shoulder from the questioning looks from their parents. He went to his own bedroom and let his sister cool down, so he went to play games from the internet for the rest of night.
When he got back from work he saw his sister sitting alone in the porch in the garden. He went back to the porch and he asked his sister about last night. She looked very tired and softly said, “you know the black car…I saw the guy and he was making funny faces at me..and he looks like YOU!!!” I darn near shit in my pants when I heard that.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Genting Highlands Haunting

Genting Highlands Haunting
For Ghost hunters, RIA Apartments at Genting Highland in the state of Pahang, is the perfect location to look for eerie and unnatural tales and stories.
To quote a reader, “RIA apartments kindna creepy especially at night because it’s located quite far away from other hotels and the theme park. The staircase surroundings gives you instant eerie feelings when you walk alone”.

RIA Apartments in Genting Highland, Pahang

“Me and my friend stay there for 1night and we have seen alot of problem,we hear door knock,someone bang the wall,there are people laugh so loud at the toilet and the lift never stop ringing.this apartment is hunted i think.that night is the terrible night in my life.u will regret if stay there” a disgusted customer.

Overall View of RIA Apartments

Despite many negative comments from people who have stayed there, it has become a magnet of ghosts hunters or ghost busters.
The casino in Genting is in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia and is open daily 24 hours. The casino's 200,000 square foot gaming space features 3,000 gaming machines and 500 table games. It is the only casino in the country.
A number of the casino’s clients have unfortunately committed suicides and the negative perception give rise to lots of tales and stories. Of course, the stories could also be true.
It has been said that at nights, it is better to close the windows to avoid seeing these “things” as those who commit suicides will repeat their fatal actions over and over again.
Some people assume that “they” can speak in English, Malay, Chinese, Indian etc. just so that the customers will understand the ghosts is saying.
One of the stories was that someone has a rented room at RIA Apartments, and upon reaching the apartment, he heard very loud voices from that floor. Like a lot of people are talking and chit-chatting on that floor. However on checking, he did not find anybody there!
Another story was somebody was that somebody was sleeping and heard the sound of people talking and playing. Upon checking he found blurry images in the living room before disappearing.
Believe it or not…(always wanted to say that).

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Old Village Ghostly Encounter

Old Village Ghostly Encounter
Nizar lives in a rural area in Pahang in an old village (‘kampong ‘ in local Malay language…translation).  He and his family went for their cousin’s birthday. He got back from the birthday celebration and he had a shower followed by dinner. Nizar went out to spend with his friends (‘buddies’) at their normal coffee stall.
Old Village in rural Pahang
At 16 years old he has his own motorbike and 7 of their friends gathered at their usual coffee stall to chit chat. Suddenly one of his friend moaned that their lives are so boring… boring. They talked about their tedious lives with school work and they talked about birthdays… They talked about lives away from the village and what they planned to do in big towns and even the cities…blah! blah! It was already 4 am and they reluctantly agreed to go back to their homes.
His friends left in their motorbikes and Nizar rode his own motorbike together with his best friend. They were riding in the main ‘kampong’  unpaved road which was deserted at that hour. Even with the light from the lamp posts, it was gloomy and dark. Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, he barely noticed the old man and kid at the old bus stand. Waa! It cannot be, Nizar thought, not at this time! He stopped his motorbike and looked back at the dark and gloomy bus stand. He was just about to yell to the old man and the kid when he realized that something was wrong.
The man and the kid were sitting at the old bus stand in the dark but their remaining parts of their bodies were missing!!! He was temporarily speechless he quickly gestured to his friend as he desperately pointed towards to the direction of the old man and the kid. His friend looked at Nizar, with a boring and angry glare, before he took a look at the bus stand. Alamak!...hantu…(ghost) he screamed in fright and shock, when he saw the bodiless entities.
They both took off in their motorbikes yelling and screaming all the way to their homes!
I heard both Nizar and his friend are nowadays dutifully attending religious lessons.