Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Girl on a Street Swing

Little Girl on a Street Swing
Jeffrey Chia works as a Advertising Executive in Kuala Lumpur. He spends most his weekends in Melaka, where he grew up, where his mother still live. She stubbornly refused to moved to Kuala Lumpur live with Jeffrey in his home. As such, Jeffrey still travelled to Melaka regularly to spend with her mother.
After dinner that night with her mother, Jeffrey, got ready for a night out with his friends to go out to the pubs or karaoke. He enjoy going to the pubs with his friends chit-chatting until they are practically drunk. (Yeah! ...booze) When he got back at about 3am from the pubs he decided to take a walk (to clear his head…ark!) before going home. He decided to go to a children’s playground near to her mother’s house. Jeffrey remembered the story about the playground and how a mother and daughter was killed in a senselessly murder a few years ago.
When he arrived at the playground, he found the ground was dark and gloomy with only lights from lamps from the street lights. He was surprised at the swirling mists that suddenly engulf the entire playground, thinking that it must be the cold night there. Suddenly he rapidly turned his head, in the direction of singing, from the swing set. A little girl was swinging on the swing and happily singing alone. Jeffrey immediately went to the swing set and said, “Don’t you realized the time… you should be at home”.
She turned and looked at her briefly before averting her eyes away. Jeffrey was annoyed and was about to say something nasty, when the little girl moved away from the swing…she did not walk away…she floated away. Not only that, the little girl floated away but she slowly disappeared into the night.
Dumbfounded and scared shitless he immediately ran home.

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