Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lost Old Car

Lost Old Car
Mohd stays at Taman Permai in an old suburb outside of Kuala Lumpur. He lives in a narrow lane in an old small terrace 2-storey house with his parents. He works as a technician for a large company in town.
He was just hanging out watching television that late night and their parents have gotten to bed. It was the end of the month and he did not have enough money to spend his money drinking and chit-chatting with his friends. He noticed that the stray dogs were howling and moaning incessantly. Annoyed and irritated he reluctantly peer the curtains look through the windows to the source of the commotion.
Through the partially moved curtains he saw the darken landscape, lit by dim light from street lamps, at all the rows of terrace houses and the cars parked there. The dogs were still howling but he could not see the reason for this. All of a suddenly, he saw a white blurry figure moving among the cars, he seemed to be looking at the cars parked in the lane between the terrace houses. He was shocked when he suddenly realized that figure was floating slowing and he was legless! He was truly startled and he stared at the figure again, the figure seemed to be slowly floating but could not see any legs. Before he managed to say anything, or to scream, the figure slowly disappeared. The stray dogs also stopped their howling.
Mohd was frightened and truly curious about the whole incident and asked his parents, which they felt that it was only his imagination running wild and told him not watch scary movies on the television. One day after that incident, while he was washing his car, he met up with an elder neighbor and he casually mentioned the strange incident. The elderly neighbor listened intently and said that it sounded like a late old neighbor who died years ago. He was a quiet guy and he was a bachelor, he was seemed devoted to his old car, an old Volkswagen.

A photo of an old Volkswagen
Mohd was truly intrigued about that story, imagining the possibility that the old man was so attached to his old car that even in death, he would look for his car.


Stelle said...

Whoa, that was pretty creepy. I grew goosebumps while I was reading your post. But what's interesting for me is the old man's love for his car. It seems to me like he’s just protecting his car. He just doesn’t want anything bad happen to it. Sometimes, people, even the dead, treasure their belongings so much that they will do anything and everything to keep these safe.


Kerstin Shed said...

That story scared me out of my wits! Well, if I have a Volks like that on the photo, I would probably have a hard time letting it go, even in death. And maybe, the old man has an unfinished business with his old car. Yikes!