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Ghost Hunting in Highland Tower

Ghost Hunting in Highland Tower
The tragic Highland Towers collapse was an apartment building collapse that occurred on 11 December 1993 in Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The collapse of Block One of the apartments caused the deaths of 48 people and led to the complete evacuation of the other two blocks due to safety concerns.
The lost of so many people’s lives is truly heartbreaking and the memories left behind will last forever.
Collapse of Highland Towers in Selangor

So many stories and tales are told by people who have experiences who are connected in some way to the tragic incident. Ghost Hunting are a popular pastime and its’ up to the individuals to believe or not. This was related from someone who was ghost hunting for the eerie and unnatural incidents at Highland Towers.
A group of friends, from multi-cultural races, were gathered for a ghost hunting session in Highland Towers. As the group was so large they decided to split into two distinct groups. The two groups then went out separately.
The first group was groping and using flash lights, when thought they heard the sound of children playing. Before the group can react, the Chinese girl, from that group started to scream. At the same time, somebody from the second group also started screaming and crying. It was later confirmed that it was a Malay girl from the second group. They were both crying and weeping uncontrollably at different locations.
After the two girls were brought back to a nearby restaurant, they both stubbornly refuse to say what had happened. Some speculated that what happened to the two girls separately at other locations must be caused by the same “spirit”.
How come the 2 girls who was located at different locations started to scream at the same time. Only the 2 girls will know?


Suscendra said...

Wow,really scary and i remember my cousin,his name is Risshi Kayshen told me the whole story and he continued from what you are saying.he said that when they went to the nearby restaurant,the 2 girls had closed their face by using their hair and never spoke a word since that incident happened and when everyone ordered their food,the did not spoke a word,by the way a ustad(muslim teacher)looked at them and said that"What ared u doing with this thing?your friends are stuck at the third floor and faster go and rescue them".when they went to highland towers,they so 2 of them were shivering inside and they said that they were trapped and they could not find their way out.

Suscendra said...
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