Thursday, July 12, 2012

Image of Death

Image of Death
Is can this photo be possible. Is it fake?
Photo of Dead Person in a Jail-house (Image credit: © Durandrew)

Uploader comment: This is a zoomed image of me and my mom standing by a window with just bars, and what appears to be a face behind my mom (circled obviously). I seriously have no explanation for why that face is there. and I am convinced it's a face... it's detailed enough to see glasses, a chin, neck, clothing, and even hair... A lot of people said that there was simply just a person behind us, but what we were in was a tiny, two-roomed jail-house in Bannack, Montana (an abandoned ghost town which is now a tourist attraction). We were there pretty early after it opened, so there was hardly anybody else there, let alone around us and the little jail-house. and I know some of you will tell me that I edited in a face there and faked it. I tell you though, I swear that this image is real, and you can judge it for yourself. and this image was taken in early 2006 lol. (If you don't think this is a jail-house, I uploaded the original photo with the jail-house in the entire image. You can zoom the photo and still see the figure).

This photo shows two people in a jail from the past in an eerie & spooky image. An abandoned 2-room jailhouse in Canada.
Is it fake or paste-up photography? An image of mere trickery? Is this real?
Jails of the past contain numerous sad memories, for some people represent the ends of their lives. It harbors clear, precise memories of a past and some cannot forget so easily. The memories can be therefore haunting in the form of spirits apparitions, unnatural whisperings, sighting of cold spots and other paranormal phenomenon.
It is common for older buildings steep and rich in history like prisons, schools, hotels, parks and institutions to remain haunted from the ghosts in the past.

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