Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speed Demon

Speed Demon
When David was out “clubbing” (out to clubs and bars) and drinking (a lot of booze naturally) he usually leaves at about 3am. He almost always go to clubs and bars in Kuala Lumpur and drives home to his house in Petaling Jaya. When he or his pal needs to go and pee or if they had to puke on the way back to Petaling Jaya, they usually stop at old cemetery (Japanese World War 2, I think) on the way. Have to be aware of cops who will harass you. The scary and eerie parts does not bother them too much as the alcohol would have kicked in.
However, David has a buddy who drives at the PLUS highway, after boozing and he drives a BMW328 and avoiding the cops at 180 kilometer - 200 kilometer an hour. (to normal citizens, its overspeeding!)
Car on PLUS Highway (is the largest toll operator in Malaysia)

He had seen a few ‘miraculous and unbelievable’ incidents driving in his car. For instance, while speeding in his BMW, and a bit tipsy from the alcohol, he was passed by a person riding a bicycle! The cyclist who was riding parallel to him must be doing at least doing 200 kilometers an hour!!!
Either the guy driving the BMW or the cyclist must really be so drunk. Or it must be the work of the supernatural or else it is a UFO (unidentified flying object).
Let you make your own conclusion.

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