Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Site Supervisor’s Ghostly Dilemma

Site Supervisor’s Ghostly Dilemma
Kemaman is one of the district in Terengganu, in the country of Malaysia. It is situated on the coast of the South China Sea. Kemaman district is bordered by Dungun to the north and the state of Pahang to the south. Terengganu is a sultanate ruled by a Sultan and the state of federal Malaysia.
Map of Kemaman in Trengganu

Husin is the site supervisor of a leading contractor in charge of road supplies in Kemaman, Trengganu. He recently moved from Pahang to settle here with his family to his new job. This job contract will last another 3 years until the completion of the project.
He presently lived with his wife and three kids in a nearby village not far from Kemaman. He drives to work in his car, an old Mercedes Benz (his most prized item…ha!ha!).
Kemaman Road

Husin had encountered several unnatural and strange incidents in his work. The first incident, Husin has just finished work at about 6pm and he was driving his Mercedes Benz on his way home. He noticed that a construction worker was walking alone directly in front of him. As it was a very long walk, he decided to offer the worker a lift. However he noticed that the worker’s way of walking was very strange, as if he was floating. He was so engrossed with the scene that he only realized that the worker has passed Husin’s car. He hit the brakes and peered into his back mirror and his total amazement (he nearly peed in his pants)…the worker was completely faceless!!! Coming to his senses, he sped away without any hesitation.
The second incident happened about a year’s time from the first incident. Husin was busy checking the timber formwork at the yard. When he suddenly felt a gust of wind on his shoulder and when he looked back he noticed a dark shadow fleeting across the yard. Husin was so shocked to see the black image flying across the yard and disappeared completely.
Two is enough and Husin hopes that it will not be a third.

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