Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mandarin Pacific Hotel – Haunted Hotel?

Mandarin Pacific Hotel – Haunted Hotel?
This hotel is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (unfortunately it is where the traffic jam are). It is in China Town and one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.
The front view of the Mandarin Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur
According to a computer internet user that hotel may be haunted.
Purported Hauntings :
An old man had a long term agreement with the hotel (must be quite wealthy) and he passed away. The management found about it much later when the old guy was already partially decomposed.
Every since that incident they were numerous complaints from their guests. For example, guests have reported chairs and doors moving at nights without anyone present. There are some reports about hearing marbles dropping on the floors, sounding like “Tok! Tok!...” (am not sure the reason for this sound).
There is also an incident when a lady guest left the hotel at night immediately without any reasons given. (That lady, except for a glaring stare, did not give the Night Manager any reasons for leaving in a huff) Ouch!!!
Since then due to these incidents, a memo was sent out to the front staff not to rent out some of these rooms.
Is the hotel really haunted?


Anonymous said...

In the Malay's culture, it is believed that when you hear the sound of marble droppings, it means that the house/room is haunted.

Anonymous said...

Is this a true story or just a story'?

Christopher Lim said...

That was I heard.

Anonymous said...

The Haunted One is In Room 1102 Its Really Haunted.. Beacuse So Many Sound and If you Enter The Lift and you Want Go Upstairs Well, That Lift Will Be Down And Goes to Basement But. No BASEMENT there.

Anonymous said...

Real person that has been stay at room 1102, happy watching..