Monday, July 16, 2012

Grand Uncle’s House

Grand Uncle’s House
My friend, Michael, used to visit his Grand uncle’s house in a rural town in Pahang. Michael and his brothers and sisters together with his mum will visit during the 1970s during school holidays. His grand uncle’s house was an old big Chinese kampung house and had a gigantic compound, which the kids used to play (‘chase chase’ an old game).The lonely and narrow road leading to the house which were littered with old cemeteries (long forgotten dead relatives). However that house had been demolished in the 1990s to make for modern development, together with the cemetaries.
The house is of course, haunted but nobody care as it was so common and they were used to it. There was an old story where a Chinese medium (traditional paranormal practitioner) said that the whole house is haunted by a mother and her daughter ghosts. (don’t understand the reason for the mother and daughter entity but maybe lost relatives) Unfortunately Michael’s grand uncle has already away.
One occasion come to mind where his aunty and her young son visited the old house. The little boy was playing in the living room and it when was pouring with rain. A woman and a young girl show up in the living room and they totally soaked with rain. They their hairs and clothes were plastered with rain water until they could not see their faces as it was covered. They did not utter a single word but had their hands were raised as if asking or looking for something.
The little boy rushed to inform his mother that two people were visiting and waiting in the living room. When his mother and other relatives finally arrived in the living room – there was splashes of rain water but nobody were around. They are simply disappeared.
According to Michael, if he was that boy, “he will shit and then fainted”.

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