Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spirits At Traveler's Lodge

Spirits at Traveler’s Lodge
A neighbor’s son who was at that time about 17 years old was always getting into trouble. He was practically failing badly in his studies and he was into smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol. He and his friends decided to rent a room at the local Traveler’s Lodge. The management was reluctant to rent out but they eventually agreed, provided they accept the room that was way out of the other guests. That was fine with them, as they did not care whether they stayed and only matter to them is a place to party to drink and smoke.
After a night of partying, my neighbor’s son woke up and found that he was lying face down at the carpet floor. He looked around and saw a feet where he was sleeping. He quickly rolled over and he was surprised to see a boy squatting over him. He cried out, “Hey man, who is that kid?...somebody’s little brother!”. Nobody answer and he fell asleep again (probably crashed out).
He woke up and he found there were a lot of voices of people talking. As he was still lying on his back, he turned again and found one of his friend has fallen asleep on the chair but with his head on the table. There were a lot of strangers talking around his sleeping friend. The over window was just beside the front and he was surprised to find an elderly well dressed woman looking at him from outside. She was smiling at him and waving a bright yellow scarf. Confused he angrily shouted at the rest and wondering what the hell they want. Fortunately or unfortunately, he fell asleep again from the alcohol that he was consuming the other night.
He was woken by one his friend the next day with a bad hangover as they had to leave before 12pm. As he was leaving the room he asked his friends whether they know who the strangers and whose little brother is. His friends look puzzled and said that they did not see anybody and even joked that my neighbor’s son probably had too much to drink and drugs. Confused he did not say anything besides he wasn’t sure his friends were just messing with him.
As he was getting to leave he saw in the corridor the bright yellow scarf lying in the corridor!
I heard that he does not take hard liquor or any illegal drugs anymore.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ghostly Festival

Ghostly Festival
This incident happened to a friend about 10 years ago. She was unmarried then and she was living at her mother’s place in a terrace house. The back of the terrace houses are separated by a very narrow lane. That night she was at the back of the house at the kitchen cleaning and drying the dishes. The back door of the kitchen leading to the back of the house was left open but the latch to the garden was closed. The alley way between the houses was very dark as it is badly lit and it was a moonless night.
It was also the Hungry Ghost month in August where believers offer food, drinks and paper money for lost souls and the departed during the whole month. Some people believe that those have died are allowed to come back from hell for one month to eat and drink.
As it was a very hot night, she decided to walk from the kitchen to the latch (only about 1.5m) away. There was a Buddhist or Taoist small praying shrine in between the alley way and there was a loud munching sound like someone is eating near the shrine. She could barely make out through the darkness but it looks as if some was crouching beside the shrine.
Her mother was wondering why her daughter was taking such a long time and switch on the back light on. With the back light on the alley way it was partly lighted up.
In the meantime, she was beside the latch looking down, when the back light was turned on, and could see a person squatting beside the small shrine. Suddenly the other person who was busy eating furiously turned and faced the lights … was her neighbor who passed away a few weeks ago!
She fainted and was out with a high fever for almost a week.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scary Retreat To Fraser's Hill

Scary Retreat To Fraser’s Hill
This incident was told by my friend, Siva, while we were eating dinner at a coffee shop. We were talking about strange and weird stuff we have encountered.
It seems, that about two years ago, Siva and his wife decided on a vacation for a few days at Fraser Hill. Fraser Hill is resort that most to get away from the heat driving and is located about 2 hours from KL.
Map of Fraser’s Hill from Kuala Lumpur
After dinner, Siva and his wife decided to go back to their rented apartment for the night. While he turn on the television, his wife opted for a bath. Knowing she will take at least an hour, he settle out a drink (or more than a drink) and the television.
Suddenly his wife burst into the room, infuriated and repeatedly demanded why Siva did not help her in the bathroom. She claim that was stuck for 30 minutes when she was locked out in the bath and could not get out. Confused and exasperated he told her that he was drinking and was watching the television on. He insisted that he did not hear her shouting and screaming. While the couple was busy debating, suddenly there was a loud clink, the unlock bathroom was abruptly shut. Not only that, from the bathroom, there was the sound of running water!!!
Needless to say the couple could not take off any faster.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ghost Sighting in Singaore

This story happened during my College days when I visited my friend Ah Kong in his house in Singapore. After several days, his girlfriend Rita and her sister Sue, suggested that we spend some time at the reservoir at Bukit Timah Reserve. As we didn’t have any plans, we readily agreed, besides I was hoping to spend time with Sue.
We left very early the next day by bus and we plan to spend the time until evening. We spend our time jumping off cliffs and swimming in the quarry. We were just swimming and not worried about sharp objects like sharp wooden sharps or rusty nails, guess we are just too busy to show off our ‘prowess’ to the girls.
We dried off and we proceeded with lunch, which consisted of bread with sardines and tomatoes prepared earlier by Kong’s mother. Our drinks were provided also provided by Kong’s mother. At first, we were busy joking and laughing, when Rita got upset with Ah Kong and she was adamant about going home. Unable to convince her otherwise, we reluctantly decide to pack up and leave.
As we were leaving about late evening time, we suddenly heard a pack of dogs barking and howling continuously. The evening was lifeless there were no sounds from crickets and no sound of birds. Suddenly I notice a smell, a sweet and flora aroma or around of us. Confused we walk straight towards the gathering where we saw the packs of the howling dogs. Something was not right and we told the girls to walk on, after all we can use our sticks on the dogs. When we got to the gathering, we notice the dogs were not barking at us but at something behind us. I notice Ah Kong turned to look back from where we came but he quickly turned around and rapidly charged after us. Slowly, the sweet odour disappeared after we left the place.
We finally manage to get a bus but hardly spoke among ourselves. Since Ah Kong is a Chinese, we had to get our feet washed and walked three times around the house before heading indoors (an old Chinese ritual, I think).  We did not talk about the incident and I left shortly after that to go back to my place in Malaysia.
Months later we were back in Malaysia when I asked Ah Kong about the incident in the reservoir in Bukit Timah. He was reluctant to talk about the event but finally relented. It seems that he saw a Pontianak (a female vampire) up in the tree that night!