Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scary Retreat To Fraser's Hill

Scary Retreat To Fraser’s Hill
This incident was told by my friend, Siva, while we were eating dinner at a coffee shop. We were talking about strange and weird stuff we have encountered.
It seems, that about two years ago, Siva and his wife decided on a vacation for a few days at Fraser Hill. Fraser Hill is resort that most to get away from the heat driving and is located about 2 hours from KL.
Map of Fraser’s Hill from Kuala Lumpur
After dinner, Siva and his wife decided to go back to their rented apartment for the night. While he turn on the television, his wife opted for a bath. Knowing she will take at least an hour, he settle out a drink (or more than a drink) and the television.
Suddenly his wife burst into the room, infuriated and repeatedly demanded why Siva did not help her in the bathroom. She claim that was stuck for 30 minutes when she was locked out in the bath and could not get out. Confused and exasperated he told her that he was drinking and was watching the television on. He insisted that he did not hear her shouting and screaming. While the couple was busy debating, suddenly there was a loud clink, the unlock bathroom was abruptly shut. Not only that, from the bathroom, there was the sound of running water!!!
Needless to say the couple could not take off any faster.

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