Friday, August 31, 2012

Scary Car Stories

Scary Car Stories
Raj is presently is presently with his parents and his siblings in a double-terrace storey in Petaling Jaya in Shah Alam, Malaysia. According to him that although he has seen not seen any supernatural episode his father has seen an unnatural eerie experience. This why he admire and considers his father is one of the bravest man he knows.
This incident happened about 3 years ago, when his father drove home at 9pm when he got back from his office. After this father arrived around their neighborhood, he likes to park his car in the bend of the road near at their house where there are several tall and imposing trees. When his father arrived, it was already dark and when his father was gathering umbrella and his office bag, roughly somebody was walking around his car. Curious he quickly turned his around to looked at looked at the driver’s window glass. Although it was getting late he could see from the light from street lamps, the man’s face was disfigured, maybe from an accident and fire. More than that, the man’s had no eyes…just blank, no eye sockets…nothing…yeeckk! Anyway the “man” just walk and peered at his father’s car and slowly walked from the car. After the “man” left, Raj’s father rapidly to their house!
View of a yellow Volkswagen
Another incident and scary tale is about a yellow Volkswagen car who was seen driving on the Karak highway especially at nights. This highway connects Kuala Lumpur to the state of Pahang and to in infamous Genting Highlands.
Karak Highway
A number of drivers have seen a yellow Volkswagen that keep overtaking their cars over and over again. Occasionally they will cause a crash when the a driver fail to make the right turn – maybe the driver is too shock at the appearance of ‘demon’ yellow Volkswagen. Another strange thing is there who believe that is made up of ‘paper’ yellow Volkswagen!!!
A Paper yellow Volkswagen

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dripping Tap Incident

Dripping Tap Incident
Monica Cheah told me about her own experience with the supernatural. She worked for a fairly large and old company and she (and colleagues) worked in the auditing department. Occasionally she work until late at night to finish her work especially reports for management meetings (tough boss…ha ha).
On the night of the incident she had to go the washroom (polite term for the toilet) and do her business. Her colleagues have told her previously not to use the last cubicle which was said to be ‘unclean’. Anyway the last cubicle was used a storage with brushes, detergents, soap and other stuff - lah.

Picture of a Dripping Tap
So she went into the 2nd last cubicle and while she was doing her business, she heard a loud and distinct as if the tap was dripping. Surprised as hardly anyone will be at the office at the time, she asked, “Who is that?” Nobody answered – probably she would have fainted if someone answered. The dripping sound continued and eventually stopped as she quickly finished with business.
When she got out from the cubicle, she noticed there was no one around and the sinks and taps were empty. She looked carefully at the sinks and taps but there were no leaks which would cause the dripping sound. Thinking it was just her imagination, she hurriedly finish washing her hand with tap and walk back to the office.
To her shock, the dripping of the tap was heard again – except much louder, as if the sound came from inside the office. Terrified and desperately she shouted, “Hey stop playing…who are you?” Once again nobody answered instead there was a sound “of a lot of people talking”….but no one was around! Wah lau! not know whether to get scared or to cry! Monica ran wildly out the office and left her personal stuff behind.

Monday, August 27, 2012

White Apparition at Work

White Apparition at Work
Kee’s late grandfather lived in Sabah many years ago. This related to me by Kee about an incident concerning his late grandfather. Kee’s grandfather used to work in a steel fabrication yard as a welder for more than 30 years.

Steel Fabrication Factory
Kee’s grandfather used to work the late shift and is a tough looking guy and seldom talks to anybody as he prefers to work by himself. One night during the night shift, Kee’s grandfather had a ‘break’ from work. So he went by himself to sit at some steel plates to eat his supper, which consisted above home-cooking from his wife (Kee’s grandmother).
Kee’s grandfather while eating his home-made meal, suddenly had a feeling of something looking at him. He turned his head and was surprise to find a white apparition behind his back. He was scared but he decided to look directly at the white apparition, which only slightly moved up and down. After 5 minutes of staring at the apparition, the white apparition slowly glided away moving away from the spot that Kee’s grandfather sat.
Kee’s grandfather comes from a generation where they believed that one should not be afraid of ‘them’ if they did not harm them. He eventually found that one of his former worker had accidentally killed when some steel plates tragically fell on him.