Monday, August 27, 2012

White Apparition at Work

White Apparition at Work
Kee’s late grandfather lived in Sabah many years ago. This related to me by Kee about an incident concerning his late grandfather. Kee’s grandfather used to work in a steel fabrication yard as a welder for more than 30 years.

Steel Fabrication Factory
Kee’s grandfather used to work the late shift and is a tough looking guy and seldom talks to anybody as he prefers to work by himself. One night during the night shift, Kee’s grandfather had a ‘break’ from work. So he went by himself to sit at some steel plates to eat his supper, which consisted above home-cooking from his wife (Kee’s grandmother).
Kee’s grandfather while eating his home-made meal, suddenly had a feeling of something looking at him. He turned his head and was surprise to find a white apparition behind his back. He was scared but he decided to look directly at the white apparition, which only slightly moved up and down. After 5 minutes of staring at the apparition, the white apparition slowly glided away moving away from the spot that Kee’s grandfather sat.
Kee’s grandfather comes from a generation where they believed that one should not be afraid of ‘them’ if they did not harm them. He eventually found that one of his former worker had accidentally killed when some steel plates tragically fell on him.

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