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Seremban Hospital Lady Ghost

Seremban Hospital Lady Ghost
Gurmesh is an old friend, an ex-classmate, and had a strange and eerie tale concerning his father. Gurmesh’s father is an established and much-loved doctor who works at Seremban Hospital (now known as Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar ) as a doctor.
View of old Seremban Hospital in Negri Sembilan
Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital, formerly known as Seremban General Hospital is the state and referral hospital for the state of Negeri Sembilan. Established in 1930 with total capacity 800 beds and 20 clinical specialities and various supportive services. Situated at Bukit Rasah, Seremban, the hospital occupying an area of 212 acres (0.86 km2) of land.
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Map of Seremban Hospital (Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital)

The story goes that one day, Gurmesh’s father was very upset about his work as a lady patient and her baby has passed away. Although Gurmesh’s father tried his best to saved her and her unborn child but was unable to, as the woman’s relatives brought her in very late.
It was late at night, Gurmesh’s father was making the final calls before going back to his house in Bukit Rasah. Actually he was feeling very, very tired but he could not forget the lady’s and her baby’s death, as he felt they could be saved them provided they were brought to the hospital earlier.
As he was walking on the darken corridors, he passed a woman who was wearing a tudung (a Malay scarf) and he absently gave her a tired smile. The woman in tudung stopped and she had her hands in front of her and she pleaded, “Doctor, what happened to my baby?” (translated from Malay language). Taken aback, he just looked lost and speechless, he looked around and was wondering whether she was talking to somebody else. He did not see anybody in the cold dark corridor and realized that she was talking to him. She step forward and repeatedly asked about her baby…..already stressed and tired Gurmesh’s father fainted.
After a week’s rest Gurmesh’s father has sufficiently recovered to go back to work in the Seremban Hospital.

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