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Pontianak-folklore or real?

Pontianak-folklore or real?
Female ghost in police lock-up disturbs cops
A PONTIANAK has apparently been disturbing officers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters about 150km from Kuching.
The apparition of a long hair woman in a white dress has been spotted several times in the lock-up.
It was also seen around the police station.
“Its face is similar to an officer here. When it is given instructions, it would only keep quiet,” said a source quoted in Harian Metro.
Such incidents have been happening ever since the police headquarters shifted to the current location in April.
The police has sought the services of an ustaz to get rid of the ghost.
The ustaz, apparently, found that the spirit of the woman was not in peace.
“We were told that the woman, when she was alive, was a rape victim and was murdered here.”
Betong OCPD Deputy Supt Mohd Bukhori Saffai said three policemen had been disturbed by the ghost over the past month.
The latest incident happened last week.
> A senior civil servant is under police probe following allegations that he sought sexual favours from a foodstall operator in exchange for a shophouse.
Quoting sources, Harian Metro said the woman in Malacca needed the place to start her business, so she agreed to the man’s request for sex.
The woman later discovered she was pregnant.
“When the government official found out, he pressured the woman to have an abortion,” the source said.
However, the woman refused.
Tuesday June 1, 2010

The above is a report from real eye witness from a local newspaper about ‘pontianak’.  A description of ‘pontianak’ is given as above. The myths and legends of the supernatural are so entrenched in our daily lives. Do they really exist?  Are they haunting us? It is best to leave it up to you all individual to decide.

The pontianak (Dutch-Indonesian spelling: boentianak) is a vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology. It is also known as a matianak or kuntilanak, sometimes shortened to kunti. The pontianak are said to be the spirits of woman who died while pregnant. This is often confused with a related creature, the lang suir, which is the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth. The word pontianak is reportedly a corruption of the Malay perempuan mati beranak, or “woman who died in childbirth”.[1] Another theory is that the word is a combination of puan (woman) + mati (die) + anak (child). The term matianak means "death of a child". The city of Pontianak in Indonesia is named after this creature, which was claimed to have haunted the first sultan who once settled there.

Pontianak (folklore) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Real Pontianak?

Let me start with a tale about a Pontianak.
A guy was driving back from Petaling Jaya in his car at 2am. There were not many vehicles at that late night and he was stopped at the red light. He looked around casually and he noticed that a lone worker walking and thought she must have been working late.
The green light was on as he starting his car….when suddenly a woman dressed in white appear in his windscreen! She was staring at him through the windscreen…and when she opened her mouth, he could see a row of gleaming sharp teeth and red eyes…(he fainted!)
I do not know what happened after that, but I believe that he was in hospital for a while. He was in total shock!
This is supposed to be a real live eye-witness account. Believe it or not…its up to you.

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