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Headless Woman In Office Building

Headless Woman In Office Building
I have heard of many haunted buildings from Universities, colleges, schools, hotels, shopping malls and Government building. I have not encountered many haunting of Office buildings. Anyway, this is about a haunted Office building in Taiping.
Taiping  is a town located in northern Perak in Malaysia. With a population of 191,104 (in 2007), it is the second largest town in Perak after Ipoh which is the state capital. Although Taiping's economy declined with the dwindling tin deposits, the metal still remains an important industry in the area as do rubber and rice. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A View of Taiping town in Perak

Taiping Zoo – Elephants…(nice eh?)

Trevor Tan is a local boy and he recently graduated from a local institution. Unwilling to look for dead-end jobs he elected to work as a Supervisor guard for a local company. Actually his father got him the job through the one of the owners of the Security company in Taiping. Like the Chinese saying, “It is not what you can do but who you know” (ha ha).
 The Security manager just had a call that the security guard who is assigned to an office building has left (without any explanations). So Trevor was called to temporary to replace the missing guard.
Trevor was called to take care of security for the night shift at the office building. He made the rounds for the building but at 12am he was at the store area, he smelled a foul or vile stinking smell. He thought that an animal must have died, probably a bat, a rat, cat…or worse a dog (urghh!). He had with his night stick and more importantly, he got his torchlight and he shone the torch in the nooks and corners of the store.
Then Trevor saw a semi-transparent apparition of an entity but without a head. He was scared shitless and was trembling trying to hold tight to his torch. At the same time, he saw that the semi-transparent entity was not exactly headless because she was holding her head in her hands…he tried desperately to shout help but all he managed was to lose consciousness and faint.
Some of the staff of the office found Trevor the next day and managed to wake him up. Trevor can only whisper, “Fark! Shit…shit” and promptly ran away from the office building to his car.
I believe he tender his resignation from the security firm the next day!!!

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