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Types of Ghosts, “hantu”, Djinns, goblins, elves

Types of Ghosts, “hantu”, Djinns, goblins, elves
·  Pontianak and / Puntianak / Kuntilanak (“Pontianak” is one of the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian culture. Primarily, the Malays believe that it originates from a still born child, women who dies while giving birth, women who were killed by the pontianak or their spirits captured by them. The phrase “Pontianak” was believed from the acronym of “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language, meaning the woman death by childbirth.)
·  Polong
·  Toyol (A mythical spirit in Malay mythology. It is a child created from a death human foetus using         black magic)
·  Pelesit (Type of spirit, probably of the jinn / demonic, which was kept by a person. Pelesit ghost is believed to be fed blood from the finger master.)
·  The hantu Air / Hantu Laut (Water or Sea ghost)
·  Hantu Raya (said to consist of jinn or demons, which are preserved for the purpose of helping his master to work and to harm the enemy)
·  The hantu Bungkus / Pocong / Hantu Punjut ( Corpse wrapped in shroud and hopping like ghosts)
·  Langsuir
·  Bota (Bota is a big giant who lived in the land, hiding in a cave in the soil. Bota will come out of hiding places at certain moments and very interested in children who did not wear pants.)
·  Bajang
·  Bunian (Said to inhabit jungles and are similar to elves except they are invisible to most people)
·  Hantu Jepun (Japanese ghost of army soldiers and associated with the Japanese conquest of Malaysia. Show armed marches at night (without head), with sound clatter of army boots.)
·  Hantu Kubur (refers to a ghost that roamed the area cemeteries)
·  Pari-pari (Pari-pari refers to a kind of ghost in Malay belief, probably from among the jinn / demonic, found in the forest. Pari-pari are said not to be kept by the man and said to live independently)
·  Jerangkung
·  Hantu Galah  (A male ghost, believed to be gigantic, with extremely long and thin limbs)
·  Jin Tanah
·  Hantu Keramat (Keramat ghost is said to be able to help those who come to demand from them)
·  Hantu Kum-Kum (the ghost women wander knocking on doors to find the victims)
·  Orang Minyak (Oily man - according to history, Satan offered to grant worldly desires if the orang minyak raped 21 virgin girls within seven days and worship Satan as a God. These orang minyak usually douse themselves with oil and run around naked. Although the orang minyak is believed to be human, there are countless stories of them being related to the supernatural world)
·  Puaka
·  Hantu Bidai (Hantu bidai is said to roam the area of ​​water and will drown victims. This is likely to prevent the children from going swimming without supervision of parents, and fear of drowning when you have difficulties like cramps)
·  The hantu Tetek / Hantu Kopek  (Breast Ghost - So-called ghost-shaped teat old woman who likes to hide small children who like to play outdoors during dusk and at night, by hiding them under the flaccid (breast) them.)