Monday, August 13, 2012

Pahang Tower in RIA Apartment - Haunted

Pahang Tower in RIA Apartment - Haunted
“its was known that its kinda haunted so be prepare for those who want to stay in” a customer.
According to an old-timer, suicides are a common occurrences here. Many suicides occurred after losses at the casino
This grand old lady of the city of entertainment may be overshadowed by the newer and gigantic First World Hotel, but it is still a familiar icon up above the clouds. On a clear night down in Kuala Lumpur, Genting Hotel's lighted red sign on its roof is what many see and recognise from afar. Rising about 6000 feet above sea level, Genting Hotel is also (informally) known as the Casino Hotel
Pahang Tower in RIA Apartment is 56.4 km from KL Sentral Station, 111 km from KLIA, 114 km from LCCT, 70 km from Bandar Sunway, 60 km from Hentian Puduraya.

Pahang Tower at RIA Apartment, Genting Highlands

I have 2 unrelated stories from the customers who stayed at Pahang Tower in RIA Apartments at Genting Highlands.
In the 1st incident, my friend was staying at Pahang Tower for a couple of days, just cooling down and of course, spending all of his money in the casino (ha!ha!
Nothing unusual happen during the first day but on the second night (its about 3am) when he left the apartment, a woman was getting on the lift. Trying to be courteous he simply said ‘hi’ to her which she did not acknowledge and went straight to the lift. He thought it highly unusual and freaky that the lady was in a red ‘cheong sum’ (an old Chinese dress ) and she was pregnant! By that time she already the lift. Why would a pregnant lady be going at 3am?
The second incident a few years ago to a family. They had a good day an amusement park and after dinner they went back to their apartment. The parents were in the living room when their child who was sleeping in the bedroom, suddenly climb out of the bedroom window. It’s a miraculous that their parents saw their daughter in the living room window and they manage to grab her daughter in time-the apartment was in the 17th floor! When asked why she did it, the daughter replied that she did not know!
Pahang Tower at RIA Apartment in Genting Highlands is believed to be the most haunted in the country.

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JL said...

For the pregnant lady in Pahang Tower, i've heard a similar story from a friend. She saw a headless pregnant lady inside the lift, she was terrified, knee down and cried till her friend found her half an hour later.