Friday, August 3, 2012

Penang Bridge Ghostly Apparition

Penang Bridge Ghostly Apparition
Penang Bridge is a vital link connecting Penang Island and Perai on the mainland of West Malaysia. It provides an efficient, fast and most convenient passage to motorists with a modest travelling time of approximately 11 minutes during peak hours and 9 minutes during off-peak (speed limit of 70km/hour). As one of Asia’s longest bridge, this national icon is has played an important role as the catalyst for economic development for the State of Penang. -

Penang Bridge in the Day

View of the Penang Bridge at night

I have heard that many people have been warned of driving on the Penang Bridge at night. This is because of the numerous stories and tales related of haunting of the Penang Bridge…especially at nights.
Anyway, one of my friends, Adrian, was with his pal and they were driving home via the Penang Bridge after 3am (obviously he did hear the scary stories about the night driving…ha!ha!). The roads on the Penang bridge was quiet deserted and they were only half-way on the roadway in the bridge. They were driving from Butterworth (on other side of Penang) as they were attending a friend’s birthday celebration. As usual, one thing leads to another thing (blah…blah), and they were driving to Penang very late (or early!) at night.
The roads on the Penang bridge were well lighted from the lamp-posts and they were busy chit-chatting. Adrian was complaining that he had to work at 7am the next day…blah! blah!
Suddenly they noticed a woman walking in the same direction as their car and thought it was surprising  that she was walking on the middle of the road. Adrian applied the brakes and slowed the car and both, he and his friend, stared at the girl. She had very thick frizzy long hair and she smiled and waved at them. OMG!... It was a Pontianak (vampire)… Adrian quickly stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off. Terrified  and shaken up they drove up to a roadside bright lighted-up mamak (Indian Muslim) stall, where they had some drinks to chill out.  The surprising thing was one thought it was a Chinese (cheong sum – Chinese dress) Pontianak and the other thought it was a Malay (baju kurung-Malay dress) Pontianak…both agreed that it is hideous!

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