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My Friend, the Doppleganger?

My Friend, the Doppleganger?
My friend, Nordin, used to live in a small town in Kelantan. The state of Kelantan is one of the most undeveloped state in Malaysia. However living in a small town in a rural area has its own advantages, although without electronic internet games, they made it with long lost games and toys . At only 10 years old then , Nordin, lived with his brothers and sisters together with their parents. They lived in a “Kampung” house (as shown in photo below) where his father worked as a clerk in some Government agencies.

Typical rural ‘kampung’ house

Nordin first encountered a ‘doppleganger’ when he was Kelantan. Like he said many times, he had no idea what the mean of the term as he found the term only a couple of years ago.

A double or identical replica of a person. The concept revolves around the belief that everyone has a doppleganger, an identical copy of themselves somewhere in the world. If the person is good then the doppleganger will be evil and vice versa. It is even said that if the two should meet then they will both perish.

There have been a few reports over the years of ordinary people who have come face to face with someone who is identical to themselves, while random chance would seem to exclude the likelihood of randomly encountering an individual who is physically identical to yourself it isn't impossible.

Most people agree that the concept of a doppleganger is little more than a myth.
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Anyway, this is his true encounter with a ‘doppleganger’.
One evening about 5pm, Nordin decided his visiting his friend, Wan,  who live a few of lanes from his place. He found his friend who was kicking an old football (or soccer) ball around by himself near his house. Nordin said hi to his friend and they proceeded to kick the football together in the small courtyard. After 30 minutes, Nordin suggested that they moved to a nearby field which Wan readily agreed.
When they are at the football field, Nordin noticed that Wan who was sleeveless, that something odd about his body. Wan’s body was fleshier than before and not only that, he seemed to a taller than before. However I did not think more about it but was busy with playing with our soccer game. As time past, Nordin noticed it was already 6.30pm, and it was time to go home or he will late for dinner. He said a hurried goodbye but Wan indicated he wanted to carry on. As he was leaving, he noticed that were nobody around which was a bit strange because the rest of kids should be around playing at that time. Nevertheless he rushed to go back to his house before he got into trouble with his mother.
The next day at about the same time, he again went to look for his friend.  He asked his friend, Wan, whether he wants to carry on with his game yesterday. His friend asked in a confused manner that they did not have a soccer game yesterday. Yes we did, Nordin insisted, but Wan was firm that he was at his grandma’s place for the whole day!!!
Did Nordin see a ‘doppleganger’?
I have not heard of a myth or demon in Malaysia. If anybody has any stories about doppelganger, do write to me.

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