Sunday, July 22, 2012

Female Dormitory Incident

Female Dormitory Incident
Maznida has finally passed her school examination and she was accepted in a local college in Selangor. At her new dormitory, she has heard many wild stories the girls in the dormitory. Some of those “hardcore” girls were advised to stay away from the guys and they were advised to be wary of immoral activities (Yah, buzz off bros). Others are warned about the instances of hysteria where they hear of strange voices and see mysterious objects and instead they should concentrate on their studies and regularly pray.
One night Maznida was working on her College assignment when her roommate complained about the noise of stray dogs. They were on the 4th floor of the hostel complex. Her friend than push the curtains away from their window and continued looking. Her friend told her although it was raining heavily, the dogs were still whining and howling and the dogs were still gathering on the same spot. “They are looking at something”, her friend added “really weird”.
Suddenly she stopped talking and jumped onto her bed and covered her entire body. Maznida noticed the changed and felt that something was amiss. She quickly asked her friend what is the wrong. Her friend, covered in blanket, repeatedly shook her head and just mumbled, “go to bed…”
Maznida was absolutely puzzled with her friend’s reaction and she went to the window and opened the curtains. She looked down and found the stray dogs howling and whining and looking up at something on the ground. All of a suddenly, that thing floated passed her window on the up the roof. OMG! She saw the floating entity and she had long black hair and white gown!!!
She immediately rushed and closed the curtains and into her bed. She did not leave until it was morning.
She did ask the girls who was living upstairs the next day and they confirmed that they also saw a white entity flying about. Maybe the story about the girl who committed suicide a few years ago is true.

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