Thursday, June 12, 2014

Never Look Directly At a Ghost

Never Look Directly At a Ghost

“……you can look up or down but never look directly at the face of a ghost!”

A lot of people have seen at one time or another, at the corner of their eyes, saw a flash of a shadowy figure…Huhh! they glanced at dark of the bottom of the stairs, the corner of the room etc. and when there is nothing there…they might think it is just a figment of their wild imagination.

However some people believe that unless a person is gifted with “yin yang” or the “3td eye”, most people will not “see” or even fell the presence of ghosts. Unless, for example, if a person is fast asleep and suddenly awoke, he or she might accidentally see the dead spirit. Like a woman medium said that it is ok to look to the left or to the right or even up and down but never look directly at the face of a ghost!

“Why cannot look one???” my friend asked but the medium stare angrily at him but did not answer. Maybe the answer can be found in another incident that a reader encountered when visited his friend in Melaka, Malaysia.

Amar and Jude were college mates and they were going to Jude’s place in Melaka for the holidays.  Amar was introduced to Jude’s parents, Mr and Mrs Tai, and to his younger sister, Katie. They had 3 bedrooms which were for Mr and Mrs Tai, another for Katie and the Jude’s room for the guys.
However Jude felt sick after a few days and were told by the doctor that its best to rest a few days. Obviously Amar could not sleep together with Jude and they decided it was too inconvenient to sleep in the small dining room. Instead Mr and Mrs Tai decided on the store room which was located downstairs just beside the kitchen.

On the first night at the downstairs room, Amar was busy checking his Facebook on his tablet when he heard a faint scratching sound on the window. He looked out to the window but the sound of scratching on the window has stopped. Jude looked out of the window and saw the dimly lilted lights from the lamp posts but nothing was there. Chuckling to himself silently saying that it is just his imagination, he must stop believing such nonsensical stuff.

The next night after he went to bed, he was lying on his side opposite the store window, he woke up when he heard sound of someone on the rocking chair. He pretended to be asleep and he turned his body in the opposite direction of the window…..he saw in the gloomy darkness…. a lady sitting on the rocking chair!

Totally shock, he involuntarily gasped when the lady suddenly turned and angrily looked at him. In a split second, the lady was sitting on him, her eyes and mouth were completely black and her face was a few centimeters from his face. He felt hands strangling his throat and he was trying desperately to get away….. Amar woke up the next morning with a jerk, he looked around the room and one of things he saw was that the rocking chair sitting quietly in the room.

Was it simply a terrifying nightmare that he had in Melaka? When Amar and Jude were back at the college, Amar asked his friend about the store room in the back of their house. Jude said that the room originally his grandma’s room but since her death so many years ago, they decided to use room for storage. Jude also mentioned that the old rocking chair was where her grandma likes to sit…

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