Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ghost Child At A Resort

Ghost Child At A Resort

Ghost child also referred to as “kuai qwai” in Cantonese or as “toyol” according to Malay folklore. Many real-life accounts have been told about the “kuai qwai” in Genting Highlands where some people have described as an unholy den of ghost children. On the other hand, “toyol” according popular beliefs is a mischievous ‘child’ that gathers and steals small items from people’s homes. However in this incident involves a lost child in a beach resort in Malaysia.

Adrian Raj went with his family for a vacation at Kemaman in the state of Terangganu. Kemaman with a pristine beach and seafront, seem to be an ideal location for vacationers. Adrian was busy outstation and unfortunately he did not make it in time for the trip in September. He nonetheless persuaded his wife to go their long awaited vacation in November, which is the beginning of monsoon season.

Map of Kemaman in Terengganu, Malaysia

They rented a room for 5 days’ stay at the resort of a family owned business in Kemaman. One night, after their young son was fast asleep, Adrian’s wife was continuously complaining about their spoilt vacation. It was late at night when Adrian decided to have a smoke and went downstairs (his wife did not allowed him to smoke in the room).

He went downstairs to a back of a fairly large garden, slightly away from the main resort. It was extremely dark night but it was lighted up with florescent lights on poles around the garden and he can see fairly well. He was sitting on a bench and lit up his ciggy when the skies suddenly opened up and it poured. He ran to a nearby covered roof structure with only the steel clad columns exposed. It was raining pelting and raging heavily, with lightning flashing around the skies.

Adrian tried to call his wife that he was late due to the thunderstorm only to find he accidentally left his mobile in the room. He was looking around the surrounding, wondering whether he should make a quick dash to the resort, when he looked at the playground he suddenly noticed…..that a small figure was sitting on of the swing.

Adrian can barely see, with the belting rain and gusting wind…..but it was a girl sitting happily on the swing. Thinking it must be crazy with the little girl on a swing in the raging rain and wind, he yelled at her…but the furious sound of the howling wind and rain was too loud. He was absolutely mesmerized looking at the girl in the swing with her hair flowing freely and wondered why her hair was not plastered to her head with the heavy rain. He heard his wife calling him. The rain had almost stopped by then and his wife was rushing and shouting at him, he turned to look back at the girl in the swing….she was gone! vanished!... except for the rocking motion of the swing. In disbelieve, Adrian urgently peered at the gloomy surrounding at the entire compound but there was nobody there… 

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