Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unexpected Tales

Unexpected Tales

Two scary tales about unexpected incidents in normal everyday life’s in the land of Malaysia.

Ashraf was looking for another place when he was informed by a colleague, Megat. Megat kindly offered his friend to stay him and his family while looking for a place of his own. Ashraf and Megat are maintenance workers for a local company in Kuala Lumpur. Ashraf accepted his friend’s generous offer and they stayed in a high-rise PPR flats (Public Housing Project) together with Megat’s family.

A PPR unit

After several nights, as Ashraf was packing his sleeping mat on the cement rendered floor at the congested living room to sleep. The night was sweltering hot with not even a breeze in the night air. However Ashraf fell asleep because he was so tired from work.

Ashraf had a truly terrifying nightmare that night, he dreamt that he was chased by a very old and hideous woman with her hair plastered and clothes soaked and dripping wet with water. Ashraf woke up with a start and he was totally surprised that his entire body was absolutely soaked. He quickly up from his sleeping mat and looking down he saw the entire mat was dripping wet…..but the just surrounding area of the mat was bone dry!

When Megat and his family finally woke up, they inspected the living room’s floor and the ceiling for water seepage but found nothing was amiss. Ashraf and Megat even when to neighboring block but found that were no water leakage.

Ashraf’s friends said that it must be a “hantu air” (water ghost) that he encountered that night!

The next incident happened when Mimi Chan and Sara Khoo who only are best friends and were once college mates. Sara invited Mimi to stay with Sara’s family in Teluk Intan, Perak. One night when Mimi was sitting on the sofa watching TV, Sara’s mother came to living room, half-asleep and looking distressed. Mimi asked, “Are you alright aunty?”  Sara’s mother said just had a weird dream about her mother and was wondering whether she should call her in Pahang. Mimi immediately said that it was already past 12am and she advice Sara’s mother to call her mother tomorrow instead.
They got a telephone call early the next morning, it was Sara’s mother brother saying their mother has passed away. Mimi never told anyone of her conversation that night with Sara’s mother thinking is was just a coincidence.

Several years later when Mimi was now working in Ipoh, Perak, she was informed that Sara’s mother have passed away. Mimi was fond and close to Sara’s mother after spending a number of years living with them. Mimi drove down for the funeral and after that they had a wake (a traditional ritual for a deceased person).

Mimi was sitting on the sofa when the eldest uncle {Sara’s mother brother} said that he recollect a particular incident, a long time ago after their father died and when Sara’s mother was just 4 or 5 years old was playing in the living room in the evening. Her brother then approached her and asked what she was doing. She smiled shyly and in a soft voice told her brother, “dad-lah…he’s so funny”.
Mimi was shocked to hear about that story and wondered whether Sara’s mother was “sensitive” to seeing or sensing dead people from the other realm.

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