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Hauntingly Discovery in a ‘First’ Apartment

Hauntingly Discovery in a ‘First’ Apartment

Trials and tribulations of living in a haunted apartment.

Kristin finally found her first job as a market research for a painting company at a town of Kluang in the middle of Johor and southern portion of Malaysia. She rented a place with 2 other girls in the outskirt of that fairly large of that town. Her apartment, located on the 4th level, of a good sized residential multistory building.

Kristin was so happy to get the job and living in a “new” apartment that she did not realize that was something odd about the apartment. Probably the first incident happened after she moved into the apartment, was after taking a shower, she was putting her nightdress when a faint but distinct smell in the bathroom.  She looked around the small bathroom but there were nowhere around but it the odour of a male… but there was no male around, only her and her two girl flatmates. Thinking she must be thinking too much, she soon forgot about the incident.

However a few nights after they were watching tv, a flatmate said that she felt a strange presence of a of a man in the apartment. Uurgh! exactly the presence felt by Kristin!

The following days there were strange incidents, for example, the refrigerator was left opened (which they thought mechanism was faulty), the light in the dining room would suddenly turn off (wiring problem) and Kristin’s alarm clock which continuous ring at odd times (which they assumed that it was an old and cheap alarm clock).

Kristin was given a small round bowl with a goldfish as a present by her brother when she moved to Kluang in Johor. The goldfish was placed in a small table outside Kristin’s bedroom.

A goldfish Bowl

One morning, Kristin was late for work (her alarm clock did not work) and she was rushing to brush her teeth and putting her clothes on. As she reached the front door she casually glanced at the small kitchen…. her goldfish was happily swimming in a GLASS of water!

Over the 2 years that Kristin lived in that apartment, she had seen numerous incidents like she bought a new digital alarm clock but to no avail as the clock will again ring at the oddest time. Kristin will sit around with her flatmates and the tv will suddenly turned off and once flipped to another channel (her friend said that “he” might not like the soapy/weepy episodes that the girls like!) There was another time when Kristin was asleep only to be awakened by the sound of people sweeping the floor. Kristin went to turn the light on in the living room but there was nobody around. Thinking sweeping sound must be from the other apartments, she was about to turn off the light when she saw their broom resting on the wall of the living room. Scared but extremely tired, she decided to move the broom to the small balcony the next morning. However the next morning she could not find the broom in the living room….only to finally found the broom at its usual spot, in the balcony!

One of her flatmates also said that she heard from one of the neighbor about their apartment. It was a long ago and she heard that a young man committed suicide – work problem. Had the young man’s tragic suicide caused the strange and eerie happenings in the apartment?

After 2 years, Kristin finally found another job which is in her hometown. The Kluang apartment has been home to for 2 years – a bit scary at times but the nostalgic feelings will most probably last her a whole life time.

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