Friday, December 19, 2014

Mischievous Entities

Mischievous Entities

Now you see them…then you don’t!

Ghostly Writings on the Door?

Mischievous entities, paranormal beings or ghosts which have been describe as cheeky, naughty or mischievous at the same time undoubtedly truly damn scary. Some of these people have experience scary mischievous ghostly elements but I personally believe more than that, it’s a clear sign of the ghosts are simply saying that they are around in the realm of the living!!!

1st Story

Vicky and Mira, both 14 years old, are not only classmates at school but also best friends. As it was a school holidays, Mira invited Vicky to have sleepover at her house. Mira’s family, which consist of both parents and elder brother and sister, lived at Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The two girls were busy chit-chatting about the boys, dressing and even when to the shopping mall to make up a costume for Cosplay. When finally the 2 girls were fast asleep, with Vicky sleeping on a mattress on the bedroom floor just beside Mira who was in her bed.

Vicky suddenly woke up and sat up, her throat was parched and dry (probably from overzealous chatting with Mira). She saw that Mira was happily sleeping in her bed and realized that there was light peeping through the narrow gap beneath the bedroom door.

Vicky slowly crept downstairs to the living room downstairs where she found Mira’s mum was engrossed on the TV with some Korean romantic drama. After taking her drink she joined Mira’s mum with the romantic movie marathon.

After an hour later, a half-asleep Mira came into the living room and she looked terribly confused looking at Vicky who was with sitting with Mira’s mother. Mira gestured quickly to her bedroom and muttered,”…you are here??..”

When we have calmed Mira down, she explained that she saw Vicky asleep in her mattress when she woke that night. She decided to go downstairs for a drink and silently trotted down to the living room and there was her mother…and Vicky!!!

Did Mira saw a mischievous ghost or doppelganger but more that, I also believe that it was an obvious sign that the supernatural still exist.

I am sorry that I can’t finish the 2nd story as it is taking much too long…. will continue later.

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