Friday, January 23, 2015

Supernatural Guardian

Supernatural Guardian

There are numerous people who have encountered ‘helpful’ spiritual entities, or according to Christian terminology guardian angels or just supernatural guardians in their everyday normal lives. Countries as diverse like the United States to Malaysia have experience these strange incidents of so-called, “supernatural guardian”.

Existence of Supernatural Guardian?

Melanie Kee seemed to have born with a lucky star as her family always laughed and joke that a “fairy godmother” is looking after her. Melanie and her best friend, Kamila, moved to a flat in Batu Pahat in state of Johor.

One afternoon, Melanie was standing on a stool above the raised cabinet in the kitchen,  when she fell slipped backwards on the stool. As she struggled to maintain her balance to no avail at the exact moment she felt a pair of hands on her back holding her. When she regained her composure she turned to thank Kamila (the only one in the flat) but to her surprise that was no one around!

Later she found that Kamila was busy on her laptop in her bedroom… and there was no one around.

The next story is about a girl who I met while studying in the United States. Billie lives on a farm in Ohio and studied at a technology institute in Indiana. She recalls an incident when she left campus and was driving back to her parents’ farm in Ohio after a night of heavy drinking with her friends. 

The open “Midwest” consists of flat open plains and Ohio and Indiana are neighboring states.
Billie was driving alone in her late model Chevrolet and was speeding halfway in her journey when she felt extremely sleepy. With the front windows completely opened and with the car music blaring away but she felt groggy. All of a sudden, she heard a voice said, “Slow down”. Shocked by the voice, she slowed down the car momentarily and realizing that she could not have heard the voice…. as she was alone!

Lulled and soothe by the wind and the music from the car, she felt asleep… but she was terrified when she heard in a very loud voice loudly yelled, “Billie-girl…STOP..”  She applied the emergency brake and the car spun and stopped abruptly. From the corner of her eyes she realized that her car stopped at a T-junction and a blue car was speeding right in front of her vehicle!

Was it a mere coincidence that her car stopped at the T-Junction that day? Or was it her dead grandfather who always used her nickname, “Billie-girl”? Guess we will not know!

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