Monday, August 17, 2015

Creepy Front Door

Creepy Front Door
“…I always felt there is something mysterious or downright creepy about my front door!”
My wife and I decided to take a short and cheap trip to visit the town of Kamunting in the state of Perak, Malaysia (I definitely can’t afford an overseas trip..…). During our trip there, we met some old friends, Mr and Mrs Lai for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We talked about everything and nothing, when we jumped to the topic about peoples’ strange experiences in their lives.

Suddenly Mrs Lai eagerly whispered, “….I always felt there is something mysterious or downright creepy about my front door!”  She then related her experiences when she and her husband moved into their present apartment after their marriage. They were just a young couple then with a baby daughter.
The Front Door of Mr & Mrs Lai’s Apartment

One day Mrs Lai got a call from her sister (Yee Cheh) saying that she is on the way to their apartment. They were yapping away and played with the baby when Mrs Lai decided it was time for the baby’s afternoon nap. Mrs Lai place her baby in the master room at the same time her sister took the opportunity to use the bathroom. After Mrs Lai’s sister was done she used the wash basin in the bathroom to wash her hands…when she heard someone knocking at the front door. Mrs Lai replied in a hoarsely low voice asking her sister to find what the person wants.

Probably grumbling, Mrs Lai’s sister thought it must be the neighbours or worse, some sales person trying to sell their stuff as she walk briskly towards the front door. As she nearly reached the front door… the heard the knocks on the front door again and she was knocked flat of her feet….the knocks came from the front door but it was coming INSIDE the door!

Mrs Lai’s sister was so terrified about that incident that she swore she will go back that apartment again!

Over the years Mrs Lai also encountered so many weird happenings particularly about her front door. For example one time, Mrs Lai was bringing her friend who had a five year old son with her. When they arrived at Mrs Lai’s apartment the little boy refused to go near the front door. In fact, the little boy started screaming and crying holding tightly, clinging and hiding behind his mother’s back… as if he saw something which terrified him.

Mrs Lai and her friend finally gave up trying to persuade the little boy who even rejected the toys, chocolates and even video game that was offered to him. The boy simply refused to go to Mrs Lai’s apartment! About a week after that incident, the boy’s mother finally managed to persuade the little child to reveal what happened. The little boy said… there was an angry old man squatting beside Mrs Lai’s front door!

Another story that Mrs Lai told us about was when she personally heard faint knocks on her front door one night. She was anxiously waiting for her teenage daughter who was out for her tuition class. Mrs Lai looked at the peephole at the front door but there was nobody there. As Mrs Lai was about to moved away, she saw from the peephole that Mr Chan had just arrived and was busy with the keys to open his front door.

A day or two after that, Mrs Lai was at the outdoor market when she ran into Mrs Chan (her neighbor) and soon they were engrossed their normal gossips. While talking, Mrs Lai said that she saw Mrs Chan’s husband a few nights ago. Looking a bit surprised, Mrs Chan said it could not be as her husband was outstation for the past week!

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