Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet & Unexpected Goodbye, My Pet

Sweet & Unexpected Goodbye, My Pet

“....Fluffy is dead…but I just saw her”.

Dog at the Sliding Door

Pint sized Fluffy was a 5 year old mongrel has been a constant companion of Sasha. Fluffy will wait patiently at the window every day until Sasha is back from school. In fact I was told that whenever Sasha got back from school, the little dog will get into hilarious frenzy of leaping & spinning around Sasha in joy.

Sasha would go her room to do her homework and Fluffy would follow and rest on her cushion and would wait quietly for Sasha. They would take leisurely long evening walks together in the neighborhood. Sasha’s parents joked that they were like ‘twins’ and would go practically anywhere together.

 As time pass by Sasha went to a local college in the island state of Penang. Sasha’s parents were still working and Fluffy was left alone. One day an anxious neighbor made a call to Sasha’s mother to inform they found Fluffy’s dead body at one neighborhood road. It seems that it was a car accident …. It was a hit-run accident.

Sasha was having her college exams then and her parents’ decided to only tell her about the incident after her papers. The severe shock and grief might even traumatized her if she found that Fluffy was killed. One thing left to another by the time Sasha’s exam is over, Sasha’s parents felt that it may be better to tell personally about the tragic incident after Sasha is back home from college.

When Sasha got back from college she said a quick hullo to her parents she looked around ask where is Fluffy. Without waiting for a reply she rushed to the living room but there where was no Fluffy. She heard a scratchy sound and in the closed glass door leading their garden she saw Fluffy busy scratching the glass panels.

As Sasha was just about to rush to the glass door she heard the frantic footsteps of her parents saying that Fluffy was killed a week ago…..  Thinking her parents must be totally confused or crazy she replied that she just saw Fluffy, pointing at the closed glass door… but there was no Fluffy there!

Can Fluffy have come back to world of the living … maybe just to say farewell to Sasha?

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