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Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month – part 2

Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month – part 2

This is the 2nd part of “Precautions during Hungry Ghost Month” which many Chinese considered at the most terrifying month of the year. Countless people who follow their religion believe that the gates of Hell are release on the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar and wandering or hungry spirits can wander in this earth for a whole month.

Offerings of food for Hungry Ghost Month

Millions of people of which had encountered spooky and unbelievable incidents from deceased relatives but also the restless spirits of people who had untimely deaths. The precautions are tips for people to follow and prevent them from such unworldly incidents. The other precautions for that month are :

5) do not visit the sick in hospital, attend a funeral, move house or to start a business.
6) do not go camping (especially tress with large long and overhanging leaves) as they            contain yin energies. This energy signifies darkness, stillness as opposed to brightness and laughter which is the yang energy.
7) do not simply open the main door all night (negative energy!)
8) do not wear black or red clothes (not even red underwear)

9) do not travel outstation or go swimming (and meet up with the water ghost, air hantu in Bahasa or sui qwai in Chinese). These waters ghosts are situated at the seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps or even ditches. They lived underneath the water and they could have died from drowning or simply missing.
Anyway, I better stop at Precaution no. 9 (which I will continue as Part 3 later) as I have another spooky tale about an incident of a water ghost in the month during the Hungry Ghost month.

Aden Yoo, a teenager lives a small town of Gemencheh at Negeri Sembilan which is located about 30 km from the much larger town of Tampin. It must be a weekend when Aden and his friends decided to go to a pond nearby for fishing during the Hungry Ghost month without telling their parents about their activities.

Aden and his friends were scattered around the deserted large pond amidst the over-grown weeds busy fishing, when Aden wanted to go and pee. Sum, one of Aden’s friend, also decided that he also have to go pee. While they were walking from the pond, Sum suddenly thought of a competition between them – to see who can pee the furthest. Aden and Sum went to the edge of the pond and pee laughing together.

When Aden went to sleep that night at his house, he had a weird and frightening dream. He found himself at the same pond but there was a blurry dark figure (can’t see the face) who seem to be really absolutely furious at Aden.

His elder brother woke up the next morning and he shouted angrily at Aden saying there he must be one who created a large puddle of water around the floor of their bedroom. Aden looked in surprise at the huge puddle of water but his bed, blanket and mattress was bone dry.

His parents, elder brother and Aden went to check but could not find any water marks on the wall and ceiling around the bedroom. Aden also got a call that day from Sum telling him that he also had a nightmare about the pond and he had painful bright red rashes around his genitals.

“Aiyooooooo!...syeh, syeh” screamed Aden’s mother when he finally told his parents about the trip with his friends to the pond and the peeing incident. They took Aden to a Taoist temple where he drank from a glass of water mixed with burnt paper ashes. The medium said that the water ghost was angry at them for pissing at the pond. Aden and Sum also had to go to the pond with some offerings and apologize to what they done.

Both Aden and Sum recovered after a week.

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