Friday, November 29, 2013

Boarding House, Dormitory, Hostel – A Spooky Tale

Boarding House, Dormitory, Hostel – A Spooky Tale

Millions of young people have lived at one time or another had lived in a boarding house, dormitory or hostel. Some have heard numerous spooky & ghostly tales and stories in these places.

By the way, I have decided to keep this blog going and also my other blog titled “Unnatural Tales and Ghosts”.

Back to the story, Liza was a girl who lived in a boarding house away from her family. One night, she was in one of the cubicle toilet, when she heard someone came in and the sound of water from the basin. When Liza was done unlocked the door from the cubicle and proceeded to the row of basins.
A lone girl was at a basin and she was leaning down and she was brushing her teeth. Liza while washing her hands, said, “hi” to the other girl. When the girl slowly turned around to face Liza, she was shock to see a messy bloody knife in her hand. Liza quickly looked at the girl’s face and she was smiling but her entire mouth was covered with blood!

Liza momentarily felt back from the rows of basin….eeekk!  she scrambled and rushed for the toilet door until she reached a corridor and found a monitor (a girl who takes of the boarding student). Liza was in a complete shock and speechless but eventually managed to tell the monitor the incident. To Liza surprised, the monitor took off immediately towards the toilet…

Liza who was sprawled and sitting on the corridor, weeping and crying, saw Yasmin who was her roommate. Liza then told Yasmin what had happened and the monitor had simply took off towards the toilet. After about 10 minutes, the monitor has not returned from the toilet…both girls, frightened and half-hearted, decided to go back to the toilet.

With arms closely clutching together, they found the monitor alone at the basin…brushing her teeth. Yasmin tapped the monitor on her shoulder, saying what happened…the monitor turned towards them with a smile and her mouth covered blood!

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