Thursday, August 28, 2008

Steel Construction & Engineering


To start off, congratulations to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on winning the by-election in Penang. I think, some of the support he received was that people hope that he can help the economy. Basically a lot of people have lost confidence in the Government’s ability to manage the economy. He should take this opportunity to help find ways to alleviate the suffering of the people. Millions of Malaysians are struggling to survive after drastic increase in EVERTHING!

To both Barisan and Pakatan, please realize that people are so tired with all these politicking. Enough of all the allegations and counter allegations. High time to get back to work to find ways to help the people. The well being of the economy is what is truly important to the people. People have children to feed and bills to pay. I believe the party that manages to do this will surely win the next General Election.


The construction industry was in the doldrums the past few months and it seems to be even worse now! Various construction related organizations have pleaded unsuccessfully with the Government to help stabilize the building material prices This is the first and much needed step to get the sector moving again. This will directly or indirectly generate much needed activities which will benefit the entire economy.


None to speak of. (ha! ha!). I submitted some roof framing (steel beams and columns made up of rectangular and square hollow section (RHS & SHS)) for a housing project in Puchong last week. Other than that, a meeting tomorrow on framing of laminated glass for IOI Building, also in Puchong. Anybody got work for me?

I have included a drawing of a job I was involved in a couple of months ago. The sketch was done using the “Sketchup” program. I did the steel drawings on Autocad which they require for submission to the authorities. The roof is supported by ‘curved’ steel trusses. Looks nice? By the way, this building is in Australia.

If only I can get more overseas job. Its’ really a win-win situation. I am sure we can do it at much lower costs compared to if its’ done locally (in this particular case, if its done in Australia). Got it done all via email.

Effective lengths of Compression Members

Here in Malaysia, the governing code is the British Standard, specifically BS 5950 : Part 1 for steel structures.

I had some questions from some engineers regarding effective lengths last week. So, maybe it would help to write out the specific clause on effective lengths per the British code.

Clause 19.6.2. Effective lengths of compression Members

BS 5950 : Part 1 : 1985 limits the slenderness permissible in struts to the following :

  • 180 for members resisting loads other than wind loads
  • 250 for members resisting self-weight and wind loads
  • 350 for members acting as a tie but subject to lad reversal under wind action.

The slenderness ratio, which is the effective length divided by the radius of gyration, is used to determine the axial capacity of a structural member.

Hope the above is of use to you. Anybody needs further clarifications, please let me know.

Till the next time, Happy Engineering.

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