Sunday, April 22, 2012

Syatilla Melvin, up & coming actress and model Syatilla Melvin, who is fondly as Tilla, was a former finalist Junior Goddess (a local reality local TV) Name : Siti Nur Syatilla Bt Amirol Melvin Date of Birth : 08 Februari 1991 Age : 20 tahun Race : Eurasian Religion : Islam Height : 171 cm Weight : 49 kg Various wild accusations were thrown at the 21 year old performer, Tilla, when a video titled 'Syatilla Melvin Section In Lingerie Ad' first spread on the social pages. "I am not upset, but rather disappointed over the negative comments from people who have watched the clip," she said. At the same time, the star of TV3 drama BFF, also expressed regret on the video. Friends BFF drama starring Sari Yanti, Munif Jesus, Irfan Roslan and Syatilla Melvin in TV3 series. From left: Irfan Roslan,Sari Yanti,Muniff Isa and Syatilla Melvin in the TV drama series "I'm definitely not linking La Senza, with the lingerie with the video casting. Actually, the video was not made for La Senza.” “I'm sorry that there are those who are hurt when they watched the video. I will make sure these events do not occur again in the future.” added Tilla drama that also stars TV3 titled BFF. (Note : there are a lot of blogs who did not approve of the ‘hot dress’ worn by Tilla) In the video, Syatilla dances provocatively to Doris Day's 1960s hit “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”. (Really a great song)

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