Monday, January 25, 2016

Wandering Ghost at Home

Wandering Ghost at Home

A housewife faced a spate of mysterious and impossible incidents in her home.

Wandering ghost (for lack of better term due my inexperience) can occur at any place or time. I have written a story in my other blog titled “Ghosts Everywhere!” with ghostly apparition occurring at a public place. Whereas this actual incident happened at a family’s home.

Hasmah lives with her husband and three kids in the sleepy town Yan in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. She has lived together with her family for more than 10years at their house. Life at their house was peaceful but uneventful.

 A Typical Malay House

One day Hasmah walked to her 14 year old son’s bedroom and was mildly surprised to see him there. He was on his bed scrawled in his back engrossed playing with his computer game. Hasmah asked about his tuition class and was told that the tuition teacher was sick and he said his father was also back.

Wondering what was going on, Hasmah walked to the living room at the front portion of their house. However there was nobody in there and just as she was about to call out to her son, she glanced at the window of her house.

Her husband was in the courtyard, facing outward squatting and tending a flower batch. This is most unusual, as her husband dislike this activity, thought Hasmah, as she walked down the short stairs from her living room.

When she got there, she was slightly puzzled as her husband was not there. She looked around her house but could not find her husband and then she noticed that their old car was not there.

Partially frustrated she went back to her house and marched to her son’s bedroom to ask whether he knew where his father went. When she arrived at her son’s room she found the room empty except the computer game was lying on his son’s bed. Seething with anger, Hasmah went to the rest of her house but her son was nowhere to be found.

That night when both the father arrived at home, Hamsah confronted them asking where they went. Both the husband and son looked bewildered and the husband said after work he went to pick up their son from tuition!

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