Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Granny’s Get-Well Present

My Granny’s Get-Well Present

I received my ex-granny’s get-well present….it took over 10 years to arrive.

According to Kirsten her relationship with her granny (her father’s mum) when she was growing up was normal. Granny stayed at one the back room of their house in Ipoh in Perak and would alternatively send to my aunty and her family house in Melaka.

There were no spectacular memories about her granny except the times when she and her brother got in trouble with her mother and they were thrashed using the slender-like cane (‘kena rotan’). They would run to the granny’s room for help. On seeing their predicament, granny would face her daughter-in-law with both legs firmly planted and with outstretch arms trying to protect her 2 young grandchildren. Granny would jump left and right purposely getting caned herself while rescuing the kids. (what a great & super granny)

There was also a recollection by Kirsten so long ago, both of them was so bored they decided to question their granny about the existence of God. She looked absolutely horrified besides she will be dead by then. The two kids kept pestering their granny until she finally reluctantly gave up and promised to do that.

As time pass by Granny went to her daughter’s family for a visit but fell ill and passed away. Kristen’s parents and brother rushed back for granny’s funeral. Kristen however was on a writing assignment and could not make it back in time.

Several years after that Kirsten had married and the couple moved to Johor Bahru in Johore.  One day, Kirsten was taken by her husband to a local hospital. She was diagnosed to have dengue and the hospital but they were told that the wards were already were jam-packed with patients.

They decided to go home where Kirsten could rest and hopefully get better. Kirsten’s husband called her parents to let them know of the condition of their daughter. Kirsten’s parents promptly arrived the next day to check on their daughter. They decided that if her condition does not improve the next day, they were going to take her other government hospitals or even private hospitals.

Kirsten’s mum stayed with Kirsten, sleeping on a makeshift reclining sofa for the whole night. Kirsten still had high fever and headaches plus bouts of vomiting. That very night Kristen up and saw … her granny looking at her with a smile. Granny was sitting on her bed smiling sweetly at Kristen and she her own mother fast asleep on the sofa. Kristen was shock and she was just to say something but her granny placed her hand over Kristen’s lips and felt asleep.

Cross or Crucifix necklace

Her mother was waiting for Kristen when she finally woke up. She excitedly told her mother about her dream about granny. Kristen’s mum was relieved that Kristen seemed so much better than yesterday.

As both of them were removing the used blanket, they were truly shocked….on the blanket was granny’s crucifix necklace!!!

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