Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Haunted Thai Hotels

Haunted Thai Hotels

Thailand is reputed as the most haunted country especially her hotels.

The country to our north, Thailand, is according to many believers of the supernatural is filled with ghosts and/or “kong tau” (black magic). Stories about ghosts and the paranormal in hotels in Thailand are most frequent encounters compared to other places. Tales of hauntings at Asia Hotel (I have written in another blog), Holiday Inn, Baiyoke Sky Hotel, White Orchid Hotel, Holiday Inn etc. in Thailand.

White Orchid Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

Guests in these hotels had encountered strange things like scratches on the body, noises or knocking late in the night, long hairs found in the dressing tables (when only guys are staying there) and some even saw a black apparition crouching on the bedroom ceiling!

Back to my ghostly tale in Thailand, Walter Teng works in Alor Setar in the northern state of Kedah. Walter would travel regularly to Thailand to meet up with his clients, in fact Walter would joke that he has been to all the major cities and towns in that country.

Walter could not recall the name of the hotel but he was sure that it was in Pattaya in Thailand. However he remembered going back to his hotel room at past midnight as he was not feeling well. As he was going to his hotel room, he heard someone kid/kids was bouncing a ball at that hour but he did not think much about it.

Walter got to his room, had a quick shower and fell soundly asleep. He woke up a few hours later to find it was freezing cold when he notice a boy or girl (based on the size of the figure) and it was really dark. The figure was standing at approximately 2 meters from Walter’s bed without any sound.  
Groggy from sleep, Walter yelled “Who are you? … what you want?” but there was no reaction from the boy/girl who stood silently. ‘What the hell is going on’ Walter thought as he turned his face to reach the night light beside his bed.

Walter thought the figure was a hotel customer’s kid and when he turned back he saw….nothing..the figure was gone!!!

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