Thursday, December 17, 2015

Old Morris Minor Car

Old Morris Minor Car

“….recognized the distinctive colour & the make of the old Morris Minor car but it suddenly sped off…. could it be haunted??”

Ariffin & Kim Meng are only best friends in school but are neighbours.  Kim Meng stays a just the street away Ariffin was always around that Kim Meng’s family considered him as part of the family. Kim Meng’s mother was always warm and caring and his siblings were a laugh a minute. The laughter and the tears together will last a lifetime.

As for Kim Meng’s father was a strict and quiet person and it would be great compliment if Ariffin got a ‘grunt’ as acknowledge from him. As for Kim  Meng’s father the pride and joy other than his immediate family is his car.  He drives a ‘vintage’ Morris Minor and without fail when he gets back home, he will wash his car.

Morris Minor

Over time Ariffin found a job and settled down in Kuala Lumpur.  On day Ariffin got a call from Kim Meng saying that his father has passed away. Kim Meng was a bit surprised that his childhood friend wanted to pay his respect to Kim Meng’s father with Kim Meng saying that it was unnecessary. Ariffin was adamant and he applied to take leave from his company and drove all the way back to their hometown.

After the funeral, it night time and Ariffin was driving back to Kuala Lumpur. He noticed there was a “old” car in front of him …. it was the Morris Minor the exact model that & make Kim Meng’s father had.

A bit lost and confused, before he realized the Morris Minor droved off at blinding speed but at the same time, it was in a dream-like state as if in slow motion. By the time he managed to snap out it he felt so unbelievably cold….and the car, the Morris Minor, had left.

Ariffin called Kim Meng the next time and was told that the Morris Minor was still there, in the old spot. Kim Meng  said that with his father gone, they thought it would be a good idea to get sell the car.

Ariffin never told Kim Meng what he saw that night. He reasoned that particular day was Kim Meng’s father funeral maybe he wants to drive his car for the last time. 

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