Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Demonic Rage

Demonic Rage

“… her face was twisted in utter hatred ..”

Possession has been defined as a domination of by an evil demonic spirit. Demonic possessions occur in numerous incidents throughout in Malaysia as in other countries. These are generally done by exorcist who expel or cast off the demon, devil or ‘hantu’ from the affected victim. Other the word exorcist, in Malaysia, they are also known as Taoist or Buddhist master, sifu or bomoh etc.

A Girl Being Possessed

I remember many years ago, I was asked to go our factory in Shah Alam, Selangor. There was a disturbance there and my colleagues said and it was one of our factory workers. The factory worker had climbed almost to the top of a lanky tree and he was wildly waving his hand on a rather thin slim branch while shouting at us in a strange language.

Robert, the Quality manager, suggested that we should get a pastor from a nearby church which we readily agreed. The bewildered & somewhat scared pastor who despite his best effort got instead got urinated by the possessed worker. As the flustered pastor said, that it was better to get a bomoh who is more experience in these local situations.

Oops before I get carried away (probably due to old-aged) I should get back to my tale about a possessed woman.

Nathan was dismayed after so many ‘holy men’ (or exorcists) had failed to cast the evil spirit from his wife at their house.  When Nathan’s wife was being possessed she will be in trance-like state, laughing and speaking in a hoarse male voice. There were bloody bites marks and deep ugly scratches throughout her body.

On that particular night, Nathan’s wife was sleeping, leaving Nathan, his uncle and one of his cousin were left in the living room. Nathan’s uncle has been furiously arguing that as the exorcists were unsuccessful, Nathan should sell the house instead. His cousin was trying to be a peacemaker had argued that it may not be feasible to sell with the present property market.

They heard a piercing scream from Nathan & his wife bedroom and they quickly dashed off to the room. Nathan got there first followed by his uncle & cousin, he saw his wife sitting on the bed. Nathan’s wife face was twisted in utter hatred and she was staring at Nathan’s uncle……. Nathan’s uncle was suddenly literally flung and thrown mid-air away from the bedroom onto to the corridor wall!

They all left the house that very night. 

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