Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free pdf file

Today, instead of just free steel software, I would like to try something different today. I have a copy of a pdf file “Imposed Loads”, which I created sometime ago. These Imposed or Live loads were extracted from the Uniform Building Code (Laws of Malaysia). It is in the form of a table and provides a guideline on the loads to be used depending on the type of building and its usage. I find it useful as I can store this on my pendrive or computer instead of carrying the Code book around. As usual it is free. Interested parties, feel free to contact me.

This is related to a small job we recently did. A mezzanine platform was built in a shoplot. After it was completed, the owner wanted a proper engineering analysis report to ensure that the structure is sound. So we had to work backwards and check on the structural integrity of the members. Not to further bore you with this story, the usage of the platform has to be known before any analysis so as to determine the required loading to be applied. I better stop, sometimes, I even bore myself. Please comment if you have any questions.

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