Monday, May 14, 2007

Thanks so much to those who have left comments. Comments and even criticisms are most welcome and appreciated. Although compliments would probably make my head swell, I think I can live with that. Seriously, I will be so happy, if people would visit and comment.

To FB4U, thanks so much for your encouragement.

To shadow, yes I am civil/structural engineer. Civil engineering is such a wide and varied field. For me, with my limited knowledge, I deal only with steel structures and buildings. I have been told that it is foolish to limit my scope to only steel engineering. Too late for me to change now. As for your choice of which course to take, my only advice is to choose carefully and consider all aspects. Pick something that you are really interested in, as you probably have to live with it for the rest of your life. Good Luck and feel free to write if you have any other questions. I believe Petronas Twin Towers is steel framed. Unfortunately, I had no part in that.

I have another free software that I downloaded from the internet sometime back. This spreadsheet software is named “Steel Beam”. It analyses and design steel beams based on simply supported or even cantilever. The design is based on BS5950-1 : 1990. It is quite easy to use and I believe that it can be quite useful for engineers, engineering students and steel contractors. If anybody reading this is interested, do let me know. I will send it to you for free!!!

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