Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free Section Properties Software

I added another picture yesterday. This is of a canopy that we designed at Semua House in Kuala Lumpur sometime ago. I hope this makes my blog a little more presentable. As usual any comments are most welcomed.

I have another free software to give away today, titled “Pipes”. In my line of work, it is quite often that my clients, prefer the use of pipes to be used for columns or struts for canopies. It is supposed to be more aesthetic than angles, square hollow sections etc. I wrote this simple program to help me calculate the section properties of pipes. You just have to input the diameter and thickness, and the program will provide you with the various sectional properties, like area, radius of gyration, weight (kg/meter) etc. Let me know if you are interested.

I have been told that my blog is a bit boring (well, actually not just a bit boring but a lot). If anybody has any idea how to make it more interesting, please let me know.

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