Friday, May 25, 2007

PARLIAMENT HOUSE – Consider Alternatives & Cost Savings Solutions

Hi Everbody! Sorry for the lapse in posting. I have been away outstation tending to some work problems. Not to worry, I won't bore you with that.

However, it got me thinking that there are always solutions, the problem is, that most people are reluctant to think and come up with alternatives. Hence, I did manage to write an article on the Water Seepage at Paliament House. The article is as follows :

PARLIAMENT HOUSE – Consider Alternatives & Cost Savings Solutions

As a structural engineer working in the local construction industry, I read with interest the articles on water leakage at Parliament House. From past readers’ comments, I understand their disappointment over cost-over runs, leaking pipes, falling ceilings in new buildings constructed at millions of Ringgit of the tax payers money. Undoubtedly, all these reflect badly on those who work in this industry.

However, instead of just criticizing, those who can, should propose possible solutions to these problems. For example the leakage at Parliament House, from the photos in the newspapers, seem to indicate the roof is basically a concrete flat roof. One of the most common problems associated with flat roofs is ponding. Ponding refers to when water collects in pools of water on the roof. Any cracks on the surface will result in water seepage via capillary action into the building. I assumed, based on the newspaper report, that this is the main cause of the water seepage into the building.

The straight forward or common solution, is to hack the concrete roof and replace the entire water proofing system and its protective layers and then concrete back the roof. This I humbly believe is both very expensive and time consuming.

Making the assumption that if we can keep the flat roof dry and free of water, we will not have this water seepage problem. Based on this, a new roof supported by steel trusses can be installed over the present roof, keeping the old roof dry and eliminating the water leakage problem. Due to the versatility of steel, an architect can be brought in to ensure that the new roof blends or even enhances the existing structure.

This could be a more economical solution. The money saved, could be put to better use by the Government, on things that can directly benefit the people. I am also sure, that there are more effective and better solutions and I urge especially those in the industry to offer their solutions to the Government for them to consider.


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